National Level Faculty Development Programme-‘Work-Life Balance’ (FDP)

Venue: Atria Hotel

Location: Bangalore- 1, Karnataka, India

Event Date/Time: Sep 18, 2010 End Date/Time: Sep 18, 2010
Registration Date: Sep 13, 2010
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Jain University is a deemed to be University
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About JU-CMS
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have been accredited by
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innovates and sets high
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Concept - Work-Life Balance
Achieving work life balance is an investment which fetches long term rewards.
A balanced life is one where we spread our energy and effort, whether it is
emotional, intellectual, imaginative, spiritual and or physical, between the key areas
of importance. The best work life balance is different for each of us because we all
have different priorities and different lives. In general, a meaningful daily
achievement and enjoyment in each of the four life quadrants - work, family, friends,
self, could be termed as balanced life. Imbalance in any of the quadrants will topple
an individual. But is it a problem that an organization should worry about? The
answer is - Yes. The work place has become the single greatest source of stress.
Statistics reveals that 75-90% physicians visits are related to stress. Continued
negligence of workplace stress will lead to psychological strain, work place violence
and absenteeism, apart from the major health problems for individual employee,
costing the profitability and good will of the company. Obviously, it is hard to ignore
the wake up call and hence the faculty development program
FDP is based on select
learning techniques like
Behaviour Modeling,
Lectures, Interactive
Sessions, Meditation and
Yoga. This helps to
improve oneself in real
time in all four domains of
life - work, home,
community, self, with
greater harmony between
them. Participants learn by
doing, by reflection and
discussion, by challenging
perceptions and
discovering new ones.
Learning happens.
Who Should
Attend ?
Though work life balance
is a theme of interest for all
employed people, this
work shop will benefit the
education sector to a
greater extent. The target
audience for this program
are mainly Educators,
Corporate trainers,
Counselors, Professors,
Assistant Professors,
Lecturers, Doctoral
students and Research
To help participant to identify
the major stressors in their life
To help them learn to
manage time in a better way
To help them identify and set
priorities in life.
To help them learn relaxation
Working more
productively and
feeling more
Feeling more rested
and energized
Improved relationship
with family and friends
Better Physical &
mental health
Making correct
choices and priorities


Atria Hotel
Palace Road,
Bangalore- 1

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First 100 entries - the registration fee Rs.500 only