Engineering and Laboratory Mythology with Water System (Pharmaceutical Train)

Venue: Online Event

Location: Palo Alto, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 08, 2010 End Date/Time: Sep 08, 2010
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Why Should You Attend:
Many water systems have been designed and are monitored using a set of rules taken out of context and in fact may be downright wrong or at least misguided -- what the author calls "Water System Myths".

Is your water system one of them? If it is, what can you do to make sure the system operates as intended, in spite of its non-optimal design? What can you do to optimize the testing? Attend this webinar and find out how we got into this predicament and what we can do to get out of it and begin building and operating efficient and effective water systems.

It is an unfortunate fact that most water systems today have been designed and are operated and controlled using at least some traditional concepts and methods that are downright wrong. So how could such traditions become so ingrained and be so wrong? How could well-intentioned benchmarking be so misguided? There are many reasons, which will be discussed, but regardless of the causes, we need to be aware of these myths and understand how it really should be done. A number of water system myths will be discussed that are related to microbial control approaches as well as microbial monitoring. Each myth will be explained as to its origin and then put into true context with how the supposed microbial control or monitoring approach SHOULD be handled. You will probably be surprised to learn which of your own "rules of thumb" are actually quite wrong!


Online Event
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