Event Date/Time: Feb 22, 2011 End Date/Time: Feb 24, 2011
Registration Date: Feb 22, 2011
Early Registration Date: Oct 15, 2010
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NOTE: We are still accepting Presenter proposals!

This will be a turnaround year for the future efforts of NAREN. The 2011 Conference will be the kickoff-indicator of this powerful new shift in NAREN's focus. It literally is a positive change in significant ways and poignantly arrives as part of a 10th Anniversary celebration of NAREN's existence as a non-profit corporation, serving educators working with our most troubled youth.

For ten years we have brought important information, training, and networking opportunities to educators all over the world. We have pointed out over and over again what needs attention, and what problems exist within the at-risk education world. We have helped many schools and individuals over the past decade, and have had a wonderful time doing it — made delightful by the educators we are fortunate to work with. We survived independently from the federal and state governments, depending instead on staunch associates and a dedicated volunteer staff allowing us to carry out our goals without pausing and still conserving costs.

This tenth year we are determined to shift our focus from cataloguing abuse and neglect and lamenting the lacking elements and presence of deficiencies in children's environments, both educationally and at home, and instead begin addressing what the at-risk population has to offer. We want to focus on the aptitudes, attitudes, skills and talents, both latent and obvious in at-risk learners. We want to hear from what is working, might work, should work. We will encourage this focus and place gentle pressure upon resource holders to place our attention and efforts on what is needed to encourage and support the Educating for Human Greatness in these young people. What do they already have to offer? How can their potential be unleashed? This focus will be apparent by seeing our keynote speaker to kick off our conference is none other than the great Lynn Stoddard himself, the author of the 2010 book, Educating for Human Greatness.

Please come to our conference — attend, present, exhibit, express — this new direction that will help uncover what it takkes to encourage potential in the population we have for too long known as the at-risk population in our schools. It is time to focus on what we wish to expand: Greatness!

What works? What could work? What are you doing that works?

All meetings and sessions will be held at the Conference Center at Edgewater Beach Resort.

There is a pre-conference on Feb 21 (Monday) with Anthony Dallmann-Jones PhD and a post-conference on February 25 (Friday) with Frank Kros.


11212 Front Beach Rd
United States

Additional Information

Edgewater Beach Resort is our host again at http://www.edgewaterbeachresort.com/ and keeps our fully ocean front suites available for $100 a night. Reserve early...code no. is on website. We have exhibit tables available, sponsorships available and opportunities for Presenters. This is a high powered smaller conference, but energizing as we have specialists who know what they are doing and why. Very, very helpful - our evals are always through the roof.