Tax Levies and Creditor Garnishments: Proper Handling and Compliance

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Event Date/Time: Sep 15, 2010
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Dealing with garnishments can cause some of the most stressful and emotional situations that can be encountered in payroll. Not only are there penalties for violations of compliance rules, but also making sure that they are handled correctly can help relieve the pressure.

This 90-minute interactive audio conference covers the complexity in the handling and compliance with tax levies and creditor garnishments by the payroll department. Priorities between conflicting entities as well as federal and state compliance requirements are highlighted as well as tips for reducing processing time and costs

Learning Points:

* The federal requirements a payroll department must know on each type of garnishment
* How state requirements affect garnishments
* How to handle terminated employees with regard to garnishments
* How to determine withholding under a federal tax levy
* Proper processing for student loans and creditor garnishments
* What are the best practices for communicating with employees and issuing parties
* How to calculate the withholding and prioritize the order of distribution when an employee has more than one type of garnishment
* Applying the best practices for processing garnishments in the payroll department

Attendees Who Will Benefit From This Audio Conference Include:

* Payroll managers
* Accounting staff
* Human Resources Professionals
* Auditors
* In-House Labor and Employment Counsel
* Business Managers and Supervisors


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