Event Date/Time: Sep 08, 2010 End Date/Time: Sep 09, 2010
Registration Date: Sep 08, 2010
Early Registration Date: Sep 17, 2010
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The investigation and study of cancer stem cells represents an enormous opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry and has profound implications for cancer research and drug development.

With the increasing acceptance of Cancer Stem Cell theories the development of drugs targeting these tumor initiating cells has moved from the fringe to the mainstream. While many programmes are still in very early stages; in others we see more and more data now coming back from clinical trials.

There are many challenges and the very definitions still fluctuate. So how are Big Pharma and Biotechs reacting to the possibilities and significant promise this area holds for better therapeutic drug development?

The Biorbis World CSC Summit continues to set the bar as the original and most comprehensive look at how the industry are developing drug development programmes based on CSC theories. Designed by industry leaders at OncoMed, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Stemline Therapeutics, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Merck and many others, the event focuses on overcoming the challenges faced, exploring the very latest lines of research and the move into clinical trials.

Featuring innovative case studies and cutting-edge practical insights, you'll hear the major CSC programme leaders speaking openly about the practical issues they face. Underpinning this are updates from the pioneers in this field — leading academics whose work shapes the direction of these programmes.

Bringing together thought leaders from all areas involved in cancer stem cell study – the World CSC Summit will help drive progress in this therapeutic field.

Attend the World CSC Summit and you will:
Hear the latest thoughts of academic legends on CSC definitions and how fluctuations in thinking can affect your drug development programme.
Hear Bob Weinberg present on epithelial-mesenchymal transition, tumor progression, and metastasis
Hear groundbreaking research suggesting possible new sources of tumor initiating cells
Hear clinical trial updates from the earliest drug developers, currently in trial now
Discuss how to design your clinical trial and establish proof of concepts
Hear CSC programme updates from the big Pharma/Biotechs leading the way in commercialization of CSC theories and share your experiences with this pioneering group.
Who is this meeting for?
This meeting is designed for scientists, research and business leaders, investors and business development executives at universities, research institutes, biotech/pharmaceutical companies and suppliers.

Whether you're already involved in cancer research, or are looking for additional opportunities around existing programs in stem cell research or regenerative medicine, this event will provide you with the opportunity to meet the world's most knowledgeable stakeholders in cancer stem cell research and drug development.

Why Attend?
Understand how the industry is using a growing understanding of cancer stem cells or tumor-initiating cells to dramatically improve cancer therapies, and what this will mean for your business and research.
Meet all of the key cancer stem cells business and research leaders at the most influential big pharmaceutical and biotech companies operating in the field.
Showcase your ideas and innovative research in front of the most influential cancer stem cells business leaders and scientists.
Make the most of more dedicated networking time than any other industry event (including speed networking and scientific poster sessions) to discuss work and meet new clients or potential partners