Preparing your firm for Alternative Business Structures

Venue: London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Oct 27, 2010
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The Legal Services Act 2007 is likely to mean a radical overhaul of the legal services market, and an increased degree of sophistication and pressure in competitive terms.

Even those firms which have no particular intention of changing their own position need to be very clear about the possibilities which the Act is opening up, as it will affect the businesses with which they will be competing. In order to keep up with those pressures, the management skills required of the leaders of law firms will have to improve in both their intensity and diversity. There is only about eighteen months left before these changes hit the marketplace. Firms which wish by then to be in their optimum position have no time to spare.

This masterclass is for those who have the task of leading or advising law firms which are moving into the ABS era, which means from mid-2011 onwards. This includes both those who currently think that they will wish to move into ABSs themselves; and those who have no wish to make such a transition, but need to be aware of how the changes may affect the capability of rival organisations to compete with them for the legal services market. This will include those concerned not only with overall practice management, but also with

- strategic marketing and planning

- risk and regulatory compliance

- quality and professional standards management