Event Date/Time: Nov 05, 2010 End Date/Time: Nov 08, 2010
Registration Date: Oct 25, 2010
Early Registration Date: Oct 15, 2010
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SAFE is pleased to invite you to the SAFE Executive Leadership Forum, which is being held to promote, train and coach tomorrow’s leaders. The program shall be held at Hotel InterContinental Tashkent, Uzbekistan from Nov 5-8, 2010. The program will feature a mix of lectures and case studies to be delivered by highly accomplished leaders both from the academic and corporate sector having education & training from institutions like Harvard, Yale, LSE, Wales etc.

The Leadership Forum is designed for organizations which aim at developing such leadership skill sets in their existing and potential high impact decision makers, which are required in today’s highly competitive and challenging environment. The Forum shall effectively build understanding on how to foster leadership agility, strategic thinking, execution skills as well as team performance and inclusivity amongst the participants of the Forum.

In today’s competitive and constantly changing global economy, leading companies are becoming increasingly aware that real growth in the future will come from successful leadership and effective decision making rather than from mergers and acquisitions, and even less from ‘business as usual’. As the role of a modern day executive changes from managing a single task to balancing multiple projects, therefore more than ever before, organizations today need successful strategic leaders with the ability to take full advantage of the available resource capacities as well as the market opportunities and challenges. Accordingly, SAFE’s Executive Leadership Forum shall provide an ideal opportunity to such organizations who are interested in the development of their most prized asset into the leaders for tomorrow.

The program is planned to be held in 8 successive tracks over two day duration. We have selected specific leadership and management focused content specialists, to ensure your leadership acumen will be challenged, engaged and invigorated.

The SELF is being launched with three objectives/visions; first and foremost is to develop diverse, non-traditional ethical leadership; secondly, to mobilize collective thinking and action to improve cross border business linkages and thirdly, to create and realize a shared vision based on collective progress.

Key Benefits

With anticipated representation from diverse and broad based industry and corporate sectors, SELF is where agendas will be created, partnerships formed and business done, where ideas shall be discussed, cross exchange of information will take place and where experienced resource persons shall provide critical insight into the business challenges. In scope, content and experience, SELF will be the only event of its kind. During this program, you will:
• Develop an in-depth understanding of the core business functions;
• Get a broader perspective on new global challenges;
• Turn theoretical knowledge into practical know-how that advances the knowledge about valuable business strategies;
• Learn about the core characteristics of the successful leaders from first hand experiences;
• Step up to a new level of leadership qualities and skills to benefit your organization

Participant Mix

The SAFE Executive Leadership Forum (SELF) is designed for top ranking officials and senior professionals including:
• CEOs
• COOs
• CFOs
• Executive and Non Executive Directors
• Business advisors, operational heads, and the Company Secretaries
• Senior Consultants and Accountants
• Senior Corporate Law Practitioners
• Industry Experts
• Civil servants working with businesses
• Regulators and their staff
• Trade organizations and professional bodies
• Academics
• Think Tanks

High Profile Speakers

The Forum promises a unique mix of high quality sessions and discussion, as well as exceptional speakers. You will hear from the leading thinkers on the latest ideas and initiatives in the field. The program shall be conducted by the distinguished faculty comprising of Harvard, Yale, LSE and Wales trained academicians, the head of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), and some senior scholars/practitioners from the leadership, management, regulatory & marketing fields etc.


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