Event Date/Time: Mar 20, 2011 End Date/Time: Mar 27, 2011
Registration Date: Mar 18, 2011
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Practice Enhancing Points: Tools to put into practice
Elegant Simplicity as productive play
PEP Talks about the "Good Stuff"
Preliminary Topics for Activity

Dr Youel's TLC Urgency Syndrome: Lowering the Risk. Therapeutic life changes: Tender Loving Care for US
LDL: Why not <70 for Everybody?
Abdominal Obesity: The A, B, C, and D's of Steady, Substantial, Sustained Weight Control. It's simpler than you think
Blood Pressure Management: Why do some do so well?
Diabetes Mellitus: Is Glargine for Everybody
Metabolic Screening: What Makes Sense in Primary Care?
The Seamless Medical Record: Do you see what I see? The Computer-Empowered Medical Practice
Fun Facts: Cardiology. The RAPID read of the EKG
Fun Facts: Hematology. Mining for Hidden Gold in the CBC
Cleaning up our Medication Mess: Polymedication and our risky and costly choices
What do you know for sure? Do you have a learning plan? Drug and Disease Designators and Specifiers
The Eye of the Eagle: Dermatology Rediscovered. The Quick Look, Link-and-Lock Doc
Pharm Phun Phacts: 10 Mega-controlling Facts

Preliminary Objectives for Activity

List the Causes of 2/3 of the US health care budger that requires only TLC
List and describe the A-B-C-Ds of steady substantial, sustained weight loss
Define medically effective exercise and how to achieve it
Know the evidence for setting an LDL goal of <70 for everybody
Know the evidence for sub-typing in the management of hyperlipidemia
Choose which two lipid lowering agents would you not want to be without and provide the evidence-based rationale for your choice
Define the Metabolic Cluster
Know the clinical usefulness of this dysmetabolic syndrome
Formulate a practical plan for using this diagnosis in your practice
List the A-H alphabet of excuses for eating too much
Know the evidence-based medical role of prescribed diet pills
Know the evidence-based medical role of bariatic surgery
Know the mathematical relationship between radius and flow
Know the evidence-based algotithm for the A-B-C-D anti-hypertensive
List the essentials for improved hypertension control in your practice
Know the ADA definition of pre-diabetes
Know the ADA algorithm for medication management of DM-2
Know the evidence for the more frequent use of insulin versus oral anti-diabetics and for glargine insulin over other insulins
List the criteria for metabolic screening
Define the indication for abdominal CT as a screening test
List the pre-screening you do and decide if you wish to change
List the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic medical record
Define Youel's lean, clean problem list machine and Youel's agenda-initiated office visit
List the advantages and disadvantages of formal performance measures
Know the rationale for Youel's RAPID read of the EKG
Know what the computer read EKG is most likely to miss, but you get
List the A-B-C-D's of negative dromotropes and the clinical implications
List normal numbers for the white blood cell count differential
List 3 causes of eosinophilia, other than allergies and parasites
Know the formula for differentiating non-iron deficiency microcytois
Differentiate poly-medication from poly-pharmacy
Know the mathematical relationship between the number of medications and the risk of medication interactions
List the two most important means of limiting poly-medication
Define Youel's criteria for whether you know a fact or not
Define drug and disease designators and specifiers
Formulate a customized life-ling learning plan
List Youel's 6 S's of safe lesions, dermatological or otherwise
List Youel's 6 L's of Dermatologic Diagnosis
list the six major types of malignant melanoma
List Youel's 10 Mega-controlling facts
Describe the clinically relevant clinical pathway of Mega-mechanism #1
Describe the clinical pathway of at least one other mega-mechanism