Event Date/Time: Apr 08, 2011 End Date/Time: Apr 17, 2011
Registration Date: Apr 07, 2011
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Statement of Purpose:
The purpose of this CME activity is to update the general internist and primary care physician on current diagnosis and management of commonly encountered adult diseases, with particular emphasis on geriatric conditions.
Preliminary Objectives for Activity:
“At the conclusion of this CME activity, participants should be able to:
• Outline Preventive Health Strategies for adults
• Describe current investigation and management of:
urinary Incontinence and Urinary Tract Infections
depression and anxiety
• Define risk factors in coronary artery disease
• Conduct evaluations of elderly patients recognizing complications of the aging process and elder abuse
• Evaluate and manage acute wounds

Otitis Media Overview
• Review guidelines to rule out serious bacterial infection Review diagnostic criteria for AOM
• Review evidence based treatment of AOM
• Review persistent OM, recurrent OM and otitis media with effusion

Medical Concerns in the Neonatal Period • Review common issues that arise in the newborn period

Evaluation and Management of Infants and Young Children with Fever-a case based approach • Discuss diagnosis of fever in children
• Review causes of fever in young children
• Discuss goals of evaluation and evaluation
• Review treatment options

Diabetes care part 1 Diagnosis and management • Review diagnostic criteria for diabetes
• Review goals of therapy
• Discus tools for the management of diabetes
• Update of recent diabetes control trials

Diabetes care Part 2 and 3-oral agents and Insulin • Review when to consider oral agents versus insulin
• Review principles of intervention
• Review types of oral agents available for treatment of diabetes
• Review when to consider insulin and starting insulin therapy

Asthma Update
• Discuss the burden of the disease
• Review definition, pathogenesis and diagnosis of asthma
• Discuss most recent classification, treatment and monitoring guidelines (Expert Panel Report-3)

Examine patient education and prevention recommendations

Successful Smoking Cessation Strategies
• Describe successful brief intervention strategies
• Review pharmacologic therapies to aid tobacco cessation
• Describe the ideal smoking cessation system

[Additions and modification may be made in consultation with faculty]

Conference Sessions generally take place during the days at sea (as cruise itinerary allows) to avoid conflicts with Ports of Call or evening entertainment.