China Corp Protection Summit 2011 (CCPS)

Venue: Shanghai

Location: Shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Mar 18, 2011 End Date/Time: Mar 19, 2011
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China Corp Protection Summit 2011
General Information

China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS) series provide an ideal platform for: obtaining the latest market intelligence information, networking with key global industry market leaders, and hearing from key delegates and industry experts on market “HOT TOPICS.”

In China Crop Protection Summit 2011, we will continue to provide one and a half days conference plus half a day pre-conference workshop with more than 15 hot topics.

In 2010, Chinese crop protection industry is enjoying significant growth due to the recovery of global economy. Moreover, "China Pesticides Industry Polic" proposed by Chinese government at the end of 2009 has drawn a splendid blueprint and will bring remarkable reformations and transformations to China's pesticide industry.

It is the right time to grasp the latest market information, technology innovation and governmental policies, thus building your minds of capturing opportunity from China's crop protection industry. CCM International now brings you to China Crop Protection Summit to meet your need.

Why to attend the conference?

>> To keep track of governmental regulations and impacts on crop protection industry
>> To get a clear picture on key growth points of China's crop protection market
>> To find out latest technology innovation and influential reform in crop protection industry
>> To know Chinese companies' marketing strategies and product circulation mode
>> To penetrate into China's pesticide export status and future trend
>>To seek cooperation with Chinese companies for further development
>> To establish relationship with attendants for future cooperation, to share experience and create new business opportunity

Who should attend?
>> Crop protection manufacturers
>> Agrochemicals Trading Agent
>> Pesticides purchasing agents
>> Crop protection consultancies
>> Research institutions
>> Academia


Additional Information

Basic information of conference Venue details Shanghai China Accommodation Attendees are responsible for covering fees of traveling and accommodation by themselves. Conference fees The conference fees cover entry to the conference sessions, conference information obtained (speeches in PPT form, proceedings of conference, and name list of attendees), lunch and refreshments, but not traveling and accommodation. Payment is required before the onset of the conference. Cancellations Cancellations will be accepted and fees will be refunded (20% handling charge will be taken off) only by confirmation in writing ten working days before the event. Cancellations are invalid thereafter. But replacement of attendees can be made at any time. Any cancellation or replacement, please contact Coco Yang through Tel: +86 20 3761 6606 or email: Note CCM does not accept liability for any damage or loss of the personal effects of delegates attending the conference. CCM reserves the right to cancel, defer or modify the event proceedings without prior notice. Visas Delegates requiring visas should request a visa invitation letter at the time of registering for attending the conference from CCM, leaving sufficient time for visa application. Attendees are then responsible for contacting the relevant/appropriate embassy themselves. CCM can do nothing further to assist in this process.