Top 5 HR Legal Pitfalls in State/Local Government: Strategies to Avoid Risk in Your Workplace

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Event Date/Time: Oct 06, 2010
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HR professionals in state and local governments face a number of challenges when dealing with municipal employees. Not only do they have to deal with the typical wage and hour, harassment, leave and retaliation issues, they also have ADA, discrimination, and whistleblowing procedures and rules they must follow. It is critical that HR professionals at the state, local, and federal government level prepare by understanding what are the five biggest legal risks they may face and how can they quickly avoid or solve them in their workplace.

This 90-minute interactive webinar will help you concentrate your focus on the five biggest legal risks you face, and what are effective steps to minimize them and increase the chance that you won't be a target for potential litigation.
"With a delivery style that is both dynamic and engaging, Jathan has imparted to our organization on target, practical knowledge that has proven easily transferable to our workplace."
- Deborah Bell, Human Resource Director, City of West Jordan
Critical Questions That Will Be Answered:

* What are the five most important legal pitfalls (warning: these might surprise you!)
* If you are at risk for all of them, what steps can you start to take to lessen your legal risk?
* What are some of the most common situations for legal issues to crop up?
* How can HR work with and control "supervisors on the loose"?
* When the issue is employment law compliance and claim prevention, what's a communication tool that will make the government managers and officials listen to HR and respect
what they have to say?
* If you've got limited time or support for supervisor training, what are the three critical lessons to teach?
* What are the three key consistency questions HR and management must answer?

Plus, you'll have the chance to ask Jathan your most pressing questions in the live Q&A session following the presentation.

Target Audience:

* Human Resources Professionals at the local, state, and federal level
* Government Labor and Employment Counsel
* Employment Law Attorneys
* State and Federal Government Management Consultants