Event Date/Time: Dec 16, 2010
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Across the industry, library and IT department staff members are developing new forms of collaborative and integrated services. Whether or not it makes sense for your library and IT divisions to formally merge, building a stronger alliance between the two areas can lead to better customer service and cost-savings.

This event will present practical ideas and considerations around how you can establish a stronger working relationship between academic librarians and the IT department staff by showcasing two models, one whose library successfully merged with IT and another where IT and the library remain separate but highly collaborative. An experienced consultant, who has worked with many institutions as they investigate the pros and cons of restructuring, will moderate the discussion and pull from his own diverse examples to illustrate possible working relationships and methods for overcoming common challenges.


Library directors, chief information officers, and others who are interested in discovering how to be more efficient and effective with limited resources in IT and the library will benefit from this event.