Countering IEDs (CIED2010)

Venue: Amara Hotel

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Dec 06, 2010 End Date/Time: Dec 09, 2010
Early Registration Date: Oct 22, 2010
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We witnessed the attack of IEDs closing to home, targeted at crowded places, injuring civilians and causing fatalities. These threats were intended to weaken political movement, create significant economic aftershocks, and crippling prominent infrastructure, to slow down the aftermath recovery from such attacks.

The government and militaries recognise this threat and are constantly reviewing their strategies to provide effective layers of security to effectively mitigate or even neutralize such attacks, should they occur. This task has increased in complexity, unfortunately, as the world settled into the era of technology. A report contributed by ASPI 2009 reflects that due to increasing internet users worldwide, militants are using this as a tool to promote extremist ideology and to radicalise potential supporters.

We recognise some loopholes in national security planning that terrorists are capitalising on, but we also witnessed numerous foiled attempt in activating IEDs, arrests of extremists who masterminded the IED attacks, clamping down of terrorists' activities, and also increasing religious leaders coming forward, supporting the civil agencies by rectifying the misinterpretation of religion ideologies.

In view of the need for regional collaborations to clamp down on extremists' activities on IEDs, this event serves as a platform for all militaries and civil agencies to gather and discuss on the best practices used in countering IEDs, lessons learnt from c-ied in battlefield, potential solutions to mitigate IED attacks on civilians, and new development of c-ieds today.