Pricing and Profitability

Venue: London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Nov 02, 2010
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The issue of pricing remains high on the agenda for those responsible for the financial management of law firms, never more so than now, given the increasingly difficult economic environment faced by firms and their clients. The debate rages about the move towards value and fixed cost pricing models and the predicted demise of the billable hour. As clients become more and more sophisticated and cost conscious prices in turn are being driven down; added to this is the increased presence of legal panels and tendering for work. So what are the alternative pricing models and how will they impact on your firm? How will the current economic climate as well as the Legal Services Act impact on your pricing structures?

This interactive one-day masterclass facilitated by Per Jansson and John Cussons of Huron Consulting Group will take an in-depth look at the issues of profitability and the pressures on pricing. Huron is one of the leading advisers to professional service businesses on strategic and organisational issues.

With many law firms set to be affected by the economic downturn, it is imperative that you review the pricing models and options available to safeguard your competitive advantage in an increasingly complex, competitive, and contracting market.