6 Simple Secrets to Being Profitable by Design: More Clients, More Money, Quickly and Consistently (Attract More Clients)

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Location: Albany, Australia

Event Date/Time: Sep 29, 2010 End Date/Time: Sep 29, 2010
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How would you like to attract a steady stream of ideal clients into your business? Are you struggling to have interested prospects become invested? Do you wish you could find a better way to sell without sounding like a salesperson? When it comes to marketing our expertise in a client attracting way, most of us fall short. Many service professionals are full of passion for what they do. They want to serve and support as many people as they can, but lack the marketing skills to have prospects immediately attracted to them, and then convince the client to buy on the spot.

Fay McLean, "The Business Designer," has the secret to how to stand out from the crowd and attract a steady stream of clients while doing what you love when you use her results-driven client building system. She says using this system as a results based marketing plan is one of the least expensive (and most effective) ways to attract business and increase profits. Fay has created her third successful business enterprise (after learning some valuable mistakes she now shares with you) and the Client Building Blueprint methodology that does all the selling for her.

"It all revolves around establishing your positioning in the market," Fay says. "You already know how to do what you do well. I don't want you to miss the boat when it comes to being able to transfer that into language and marketing materials and systems that make you irresistible to your ideal clients. I can teach you to create a compelling message and package your services that will increase your profits and consistently create a flow of clients asking to work with you."

Her teleseminar, 6 Simple Secrets to Being Profitable by Design: More Clients, More Money, Quickly and Consistently, is free with limited availability. You'll need to sign up fast! When you do, you'll learn the step-by-step approach to creating every piece of the puzzle you need to design a lifestyle business, create a compelling message guaranteed to generate sales, and much, much more.

"I've built three successful businesses applying what I know over and over again. Two were by chance, and one was absolutely on purpose. And now I've got it down perfect! My simple formula works like magic. Before I had ALL the pieces, not knowing this information cost me thousands of dollars a month, but I'm going to teach it to you so you can quickly learn from my mistakes."

Fay has a fabulous record for success. Just ask her clients, many of whom were stuck charging far less than they were worth, with little or no results. That is, until they met Fay.

Puppy trainer Carolyn Reid increased the number of classes she was running, created her positioning that saw her as the expert in her industry, introduced a high ticket package and increased her base prices by 50% within days of working with Fay.

When Maggie Van Santen applied some of the client building strategies taught by Fay she has had between 100% and 300% increase in her client bookings every month.

Check out 6 Simple Secrets to Being Profitable by Design: More Clients, More Money, Quickly and Consistently, Thursday, September 30th , 11am AEST – which is Wednesday, September 29th, 9pm EDT) Here's the link to sign up…

Fay McLean, "The Business Designer," is the founder of The Aussie Business Coach and the creator of The Client Building Blueprint. A dynamic consultant, speaker and trainer, Fay delivers high-impact, low-cost, customized client attraction strategies which make it easy for solopreneurs and small business owners to increase profits. For information about her coaching and personal mentoring, business consulting or in-person workshops and training, visit http://www.theAussieBusinessCoach.com