Event Date/Time: Oct 30, 2010 End Date/Time: Oct 30, 2010
Registration Date: Oct 30, 2010
Early Registration Date: Oct 25, 2010
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Are You Dealing with Breast Cancer?

There are times in our lives when we need to retreat, to find that safe and supportive space to learn, relax and heal ourselves … Dr. Carolle

You may be dealing with any of these dilemmas:

•You had a breast biopsy because of an abnormal mammogram and don’t know what to do with the results, OR…
•You had a lumpectomy and were told that you need further surgery, OR…
•You were told that you need a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, OR…
•You’ve done your homework, had a second or third opinion and are still asking yourself: What should I do? OR…
•You have gone through procedures and treatments recommended and wonder or worry if you are on the right tract.
It is life-altering and devastating when you are told you may have breast cancer, or when this is the diagnosis. Often you will be bombarded with many different choices, only to be told, “It’s up to you what to do.”

Dr. Carolle knows what you are going through. She has helped many women – family members, friends and patients dealing with breast cancer to remove the fear and confusion by exploring alternatives for living a full healthy productive and energetic life while dealing with cancer.

“After spending time with Dr. Carolle following my diagnosis of breast cancer, I got the information that I needed to make the right decisions for myself. I can now spend my energy in healing myself instead of wasting time seeking the right answer at every crossroad of this journey.” Doreen

This may be the most important day for your recovery!

With this unique Small Group Format you will the opportunity to ask the questions that will help you make the informed decisions that will empower you wherever you are on your journey.

Upon registration, you will receive an extensive questionnaire that you will fill out and send to Dr. Carolle prior to the retreat that includes:

Where you are in your dealing with breast cancer – diagnosis, surgery, treatment (s), reconstructive surgery, etc.
•How you are emotionally dealing with breast cancer
•Any problems that you are presently dealing with – sexuality, self-esteem, body image, nutrition, any medical problems;
•Your life inventory pertaining to your relationships, work/career, money, spiritually;
•How you are presently dealing with stress – negatively and positively;
•Alternative treatment you are presently using;
•Your social support.
This will give you the opportunity to bring out to the surface what you are presently dealing with at this crossroads of your life journey and looking for answers. Dr. Carolle will review each questionnaire and prepare the agenda for the day according to every registrant’s needs.

In an intimate and safe setting, you will have ample time for questions and answers. During this customized small-group retreat, you will have many opportunities to:
•Learn how to make the right decisions when you are faced with a number of options;

•Get answers when it comes to your looks, sexuality, and self-esteem;
•Practice healing techniques that will be invaluable to your healing;
•Learn about a healthy diet that is compatible to your taste and culture;
•How to take control of all aspects of your life.
All this for only $199.00!

Register now, space is limited. Call 619-850-5030 or register online.

To those who are coming from further away, we have several rooms where you can stay overnight.

You might take the opportunity to have an intimate dinner with Dr. Carolle on October 29.

You can also arrange for a therapeutic healing massage with hot stones and oil, etc.

Or maybe you would prefer to stay a little longer and have some private time with Dr. Carolle

Just call us at 619-850-5030!

We can customize your stay!



Additional Information

One day retreat located at Dr. Carolle's Wellness and Retreat Center in San Diego. The registeration is $199 until October 25, 2010. The fee will then be $247 to register.