National Workshop on Scilab (Scilab)

Venue: Andheri (W), Mumbai

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Event Date/Time: Dec 20, 2010 End Date/Time: Dec 24, 2010
Registration Date: Dec 10, 2010
Early Registration Date: Dec 10, 2010
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About Scilab
Scilab is a cross-platform, free (free of cost and free to distribute and modify) and open source numerical computational package and an easy-to-use interpreted, high-level matrix based programming language with a versatile inbuilt mathematical library.

Scilab can be used for:

● Graphing and Data visualization
● Control
● Signal processing
● Statistical analysis
● Image processing
● Fluid dynamics
● Linear algebra
● Numerical optimization
● Modeling and Simulation of Dynamical systems and
● A variety of other purposes in engineering, mathematics and the sciences.

Its capabilities can be extended through the use of readily available or custom made toolboxes where the extensions can be written in ubiquitous lower level languages like Fortran and C.

Scicos/Xcos is a graphical dynamical system modeler and simulator In many respects, it is similar to proprietary packages like Simulink, LabVIEW and Dymola. With Scicos/Xcos the user can create block diagrams to model and simulate the dynamics of sophisticated dynamical systems and compile such models into executable code.

Scicos/Xcos is used for signal processing, systems control, queuing systems, and to study physical and biological systems. It can be used to model and simulate:

● Mechanical systems (automotive, aeronautical, etc),
● Hydraulic systems (dam, pipes, etc),
● Electrical systems (electrical circuits, controllers, etc),
● Chemical systems (tanks, chemical reactions, etc),
● Biological systems (spread of disease models, predator-prey models, etc)

and many more.

It is a perfect replacement of Matlab for most purposes, and is mentioned in the syllabi of various Universities.

The objective of this workshop is to enable participants to use Scilab, to provide a hands-on experience on Scilab, to teach Scilab at various levels as per the requirement of the respective University curriculum. Participants familiar with Matlab are likely to benefit more from this workshop.


Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Bhavan's Campus, Andheri (W)

Additional Information

Topics covered under the workshop List of the topics that we can cover, in addition to the basic Scilab programming tools: Control Systems Image/Video Processing Signal Processing and filter design Communication Real time interface and Data Acquisition Block diagram simulation (Xcos) (like Simulink of Matlab) Neural Networks and Fuzzy logic Wavelets Participants who are keen to have included certain topics of their choice, which are not included in the above list, are requested to inform the organizers well in advance.