Asia Pharma R&D Outsourcing Congress (APRADOC)

Venue: Sheraton Hotel Heathrow

Location: West Drayton, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Feb 21, 2011 End Date/Time: Feb 22, 2011
Registration Date: Nov 30, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Nov 30, 2010
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The Asia Pharma R&D Outsourcing Congress will be the 4th in our innovative series of drug discovery and clinical outsourcing conferences.

As drug development costs continue to rise and become evermore competitive many small and large biopharmaceutical companies are turning towards the Asia Pacific region to gain greater value from their R&D operations. This has resulted in ever increasing investment into the region.

In response to this many countries within the region such as China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea have sought to create an infrastructure that will support this trend through academic innovation and government investment.

In recent years this has gone beyond the more recognisable benefits such as large patient pools and lower operational costs to a potential scenario where the Asia Pacific region is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition for fully outsourced drug discovery programmes from lead identification through lead optimisation and beyond. This trend has been further enhanced by a significant increase in experts with the necessary technical expertise who had previously worked in the West now returning to Asia to assume leadership roles whilst still maintaining their contacts at a global level.

The Asia Pharma R&D Outsourcing Congress will examine the current role of the Asia Pacific region as a potential partner for outsourcing drug discovery programs, addressing the benefits and challenges through a series of interactive presentations and panel discussions. Some of the topics under discussion will be –

Potential partnering opportunities with companies and research centres in the development of drug candidates

Current ongoing government initiatives in countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and China

Growth trends in the global pharmaceutical market. How Asia is becoming increasingly important
Opportunities for the treatment of localised diseases

The changing face of R&D in Asia Pacific – meeting localised healthcare needs instead of those of the West

Does Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) still pose an obstacle too outsourced clinical activity

Re - examining the role of Asia as an outsourcing destination for clinical trials. How real are the potential cost savings?

The increasing role of regional CROs in the drug discovery process

What steps are Asian countries taking to streamline regulatory procedures

Managing IT and data management outsourcing to increase return on investment


Colnbrook Bypass
West Drayton
United Kingdom