Event Date/Time: Feb 24, 2011
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A strong student philanthropy program can help insulate your school from future fundraising downturns. Including a "Tuition Freedom Day" in that program is an excellent way to educate students about the calendar date when tuition stops and charitable gifts start paying for their college experience.

Join us online to learn how to design and execute a Tuition Freedom Day appropriate for your institution. Using the "Bryn Mawr Gives a Hoot Day" as a model, you will learn:

* How to make the case for your day
* What makes for meaningful programming around your day
* Ways to evaluate your success
* How to scale the day for a larger setting


Advancement professionals charged with starting or growing a student philanthropy effort will learn how to create a Tuition Freedom Day that increases awareness, instills gratitude, and serves as a building block for a strategic program.