Energy Management in Cultural Heritage

Venue: Dubrovnik

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Event Date/Time: Apr 06, 2011 End Date/Time: Apr 08, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Dec 03, 2010
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This conference will provide a unique opportunity to present case studies of renewed cultural heritage buildings in which a successful compromise was reached between the requirements of Conservation departments and those for sustainable development,all in accordance with current trends in energy efficiency. These case studies will demonstrate that energy consumption is reduced by improving energy efficiency when using the best available technological and scientific solutions in Germany, EU and in the region. The case studies will be presented during two topical regional workshops, along with other pertinent examples.
By ensuring adequate climate conditions in buildings, preconditions are created for appropriate protection of cultural heritage in these buildings. It is crucial for sustainable development that conservation departments and energy efficiency experts work together on these challenges. The Conference is an ideal opportunity for the exchange of experiences and
viewpoints, and for setting the foundation for closer cooperation in the region.

From our experience, the situation throughout the entire South-east European region is similar. In order to preserve the inherited potential of the protected city centres, while also improving energy efficiency and modernizing its management, we must first create
a common regional platform for the advancement of local development in the field of city planning. This connection between greater energy efficiency and cultural heritage protection must be established in all of the countries within the region, as well as in
the European Union. Consequently, new findings and gathered knowledge through completed projects of this kind are of crucial importance.

During the conference, several projects will serve as examples of restored cultural heritage buildings in which a compromise was found between the needs of conservation departments and those required for improving energy efficiency in buildings, all in accordance with global trends and the current legislation. Consequently, this reduced energy consumption in these buildings. In addition to the currently implemented projects, some other case
studies from the region will be completed by time the conference takes place.

During the Conference, invited experts from the region and from the EU will present experiences attained while developing and completing the aforementioned case studies. The Conference will present unique topics during which participants’ questions will be answered by experts involved in energy management projects in cultural heritage buildings which were implemented in the region and the EU. The experts will clarify in detail the technical background of each project, the legislative and financial framework, as well as how to plan and implement similar projects.

Various technologies and services used in the projects will be discussed, ranging from simple solutions to complex energy management systems.