Hard Rock Mine Ventilation 2011

Venue: Perth

Location: Perth, WA, Australia

Event Date/Time: Mar 29, 2011
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Ventilation is an essential part of underground hard rock mining. Not only does it ensure that air is sufficient for the operation of machinery and mining personnel, but it also serves to minimise dust and other particulates harmful to worker health. Furthermore, the reduction of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and methane is a crucial factor in reducing the risk of underground explosions and poisoning.

Following the success of the East Coast Mine Ventilation 2010 event, Mining IQ is now bringing the industry’s best to the West Coast and to hard rock mines Australia-wide. Hard Rock Mine Ventilation 2011 aims to address a variety of issues pertinent to the continued success of mine site ventilation officers and technicians.

Issues which will be addressed include:

Reducing diesel particulate matter using filtration systems
Ensuring blasting does not interfere with ventilation control devices or ducting
Addressing dust concerns through effective reduction strategies
Avoiding overventilation and power wastage in order to reduce power costs
Improving fan efficiency and airflow properties
Developing risk management plans for noxious gases
Cooling systems and strategies for deep mines
Attending this event will allow you to learn about a variety of practical strategies and techniques for tackling these issues. This will allow you to avoid negative inspections, reduce spending on power costs, and improve the health and safety of your workmates and friends.