Event Date/Time: Dec 07, 2010 End Date/Time: Dec 10, 2010
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CNC Fundamentals is a 3.5 day workshop designed as an immersion course in CNC for prototyping and custom manufacturing. This is a survey of the CNC process, from concept to cutting chips, with an emphasis on learning and building confidence. This workshop is hands-on. Each attendee will gain practical experience in CNC programming, machine control, and machining as they build a model Stirling engine. There will be significant emphasis on Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), advanced CNC control, and workholding techniques.
The schedule is as follows. Day 1: Getting Started with CAM. Students will each get hands-on programming experience using SprutCAM to design tool paths for several parts that will then be cut right on the mill. This is a slight variation of our 1-day SprutCAM Training.Day 2: Machining and Programming Simple Parts. Many of the most common CNC tasks involve precisely locating features on simple parts. Students will program and make several 2D components. After lunch, each student will learn CNC engraving fundamentals and basic G-code programming language.Day 3: Multisided Precision Machining. Students will make a complex mechanical part and learn how to use tool tables and coordinate systems. We will demonstrate advanced workholding techniques, roughing and finishing strategies, tapping.Day 4: Design for Manufacturing. On the final day, students will design, program, and manufacture their own decorative flywheel design, learning how to use a CNC machine as a work cell for small batch part manufacturing.
Price: $975 (includes lunch and materials)


204 Moravian Valley Rd
United States