1st Conference on Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics and the New Renaissance in Medicine (QBS2010)

Venue: Hotel 4 Venti

Location: 16039 Riva Trigoso - GE, Liguria, Italy

Event Date/Time: Dec 19, 2010 End Date/Time: Dec 20, 2010
Registration Date: Dec 15, 2010
Early Registration Date: Dec 15, 2010
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Before explaining in simple and accessible way what is the 'Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics' we should make a brief introduction to philosophy. It is recognized by the attentive reader that goes hand in hand the progress of science and philosophy, that there are apparent contradictions, or at least there are unresolved issues.

To give some examples, just think of the past determinism of Laplace and Newton, where it has been denied the 'free will', and classical interpretation of quantum mechanics by Niels Bohr, in which chance and probability play a crucial and paramount role. In recent decades, then emerge the new discipline of chaos theory based on deterministic chaos, which has been called the stochastic or probabilistic behavior of non-linear deterministic dynamic systems, showing an apparent coexistence of determinism and stochasticity. There is furthermore the so-called causal interpretation of quantum mechanics, with scientific legitimacy given by David Bohm, who proposed a quantum determinism in the sense that, i.e., it is true, according to the principle of indeterminacy of Heisenberg, that is not possible to determine simultaneously the position and speed of a particle, but this does not imply that it has got inherently uncertain and probabilistic behavior, as in appearance. Niels Bohr at that time, became a friend of Heisenberg, and interpreted at will his principle, making with it his flagship. Heisenberg in his old age realized that he was used, and distanced himself from classical interpretation but unfortunately it was now alone and unheard.

According to Bohm, the trajectory of a particle such as that of an electron is very clear and determined, the result of a determinism much weaker than that of Laplace, having the inherent characteristics of the unpredictability and uncertainty (not to be confused with the case and probability). This is reinforced by his theory of continuous feedback related to the electron between explicate and implicate order, billions of times per second. Unpredictability and uncertainty properties are inherent even in deterministic systems with chaotic dynamics, and recent studies confirm the possibility that the structure of the electron may be so complex like that of a chaotic attractor, and that the genome can have a fractal geometrical structure.

This correlation between chaotic behavior and quantum behavior by Bohm, constitutes a new school of thought, where it is possible to link the chaotic determinism to the quantum determinism, giving it the name of 'Quantum-Chaotic Determinism', which admits a causal background, a law, a scheme underlying that directs everything that happens in nature, but where there is (according to the laws of chaos) sensitive dependence on initial conditions and complexity, and (according to the quantum aspects) non-locality and a constant feedback even discontinuous in the behavior dynamics (apparently probabilistic) of the observed events - where uncertainty and unpredictability are their intrinsic properties (and therefore not by chance). It is allowed within this framework the 'free will', since feedback dynamics are possible, acting both in the observed events, in the space that exists between the deterministic law and the generating event, and in the scheme or in the law itself, changing or altering their initial conditions. In this context, cause and effect, subject and object, end and means, are nothing more than simple ex-post interpretations, not facts, as evidenced by Friedrich Nietzsche. The characters of the unpredictability and uncertainty are entitled to a potential causality, cause in power because subject to variation of the initial conditions of the systems, and to the 'free will', if any.

This is the scene in which the 'Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics' appears. This science is an extension of classical semiotics, a discipline of medicine that studies and interprets the signals of the human body in order to detect and diagnose diseases. The 'Quantum Biophysical Semiotics' develops according to a multidisciplinary approach that involves chemistry and biology, genetics and neuroscience, chaos theory and quantum physics. It is based on the method of auscultatory percussion, through which by simple means of the common stethoscope, it is possible to listen to the messages that the body gives us when appropriately stimulated. The stimuli that can be percussion, pinching, finger pressure of various intensities, are used to induce consistent behavior - typical of dissipative systems far from equilibrium as defined by Prigogine and comparable to the behavior of plasmas studied by Bohm - in precise and well defined biological systems of the human body, thus giving local qualitative information on the state of health or disease, whether potential, being developed but not yet evident by usual clinical trial, effective or even in chronic phase.

The 'Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics' provides a very detailed case studies based on the duration, intensity and latency time of the reflections, which are the central element of all the diagnostics, and on the basis of which it is possible to say that the presence of deterministic chaos, as measured by the fractal dimension, is an indicator of physiological state of the biological system investigated, and this is always accompanied by a non-local reality, simultaneous and synchronic (as demonstrated at the sub-quantum by Aspect), parallel to the local one, where there is of course waste of energy in space-time. However, if the equlibria of type 'chaotic or strange attractor' give way to equlibria of type 'limit cycle' (periodic) or 'fixed point', this is a sign respectively of potential pathology and tendency to disease or to chronicity. The quantum aspect is reinforced by the fact that the reflections are not implemented in a continuous way, but are quantized and discontinuous, showing that constant feedback between implicit and explicit order, as suggested by Bohm.

We have to highlight that the 'Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics' - QBS - can detect at birth the potential existence of well defined diseases such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, likely to be present only if maternal mitochondrial DNA is altered, which in turn leads to a particular mitochondrial cytopathy (painful condition of the cell) called CAEMH. In the case that cytopathy was intense, from birth it gives rise to specific QBS constitutions, grounds on which can check the corresponding diseases, where there is evidence of their actual risk. For example, it can exist from birth the 'Oncological Terrain', which can lead to cancer Real Risk, which in turn thanks to the 300 existing risk factors (which are not causes but mere facilitators), allows at a certain point of the life of the onset of cancer. Another example is given by the arteriosclerotic constitution, which give rise to the 'Real Risk' of CAD (Coronary Artery Disease), which can often lead to unexpected death from myocardial infarction, as is the case with many young athletes, even if innocent victims monitored cardiologically each year according to the traditional diagnosis.

The 'Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics' - QBS - reinforce the new school of thought of 'Quantum Chaotic Determinism', linked with a potential causality, where the 'free will' plays a key role. It is possible not only to diagnose any potential disease in their potential state, pre-embryonic, pre-pathological, pre-clinical, but do avoid their occurrence, subject to appropriate therapies, making the actual risk simply residual, as demonstrated by clinical and experimental evidence as benefiting thousands of patients treated over the past fifty years.

It is highly possible to apply the 'free will' to the benefit of new human beings to be born, as evidenced by Manuel's Story. In a nutshell, two potential parents who are both positive for Oncological Terrain, and then destined 100% to be father and mother of a child also positive for Oncological Terrain, with obvious disastrous consequences, agreed to embrace a preventive therapy, according to the QBS, taking for a few months melatonin conjugated Di Bella-Ferrari, combined with a etymologically intense diet, and after that they gave birth to a son, Manuel, who was "incredibly" negative for the Oncological Terrain. So he will never get cancer: even in the presence of various risk factors; his PNEI system (Psyco-Neuro-Endocrino-Immune system) is not genetically altered so it will protect him for life. Somebody may think that this is a miracle, but the philosophical and scientific basis, together with the clinical and experimental evidence, are sufficient to confirm that this is all perfectly explicable. So how can we deny 'free will' and human freedom, even in the presence of deep determinism which is updated billion times per second?

To explore the theme of Quantum Biophysical Semiotics, please go to http://www.semeioticabiofisica.it/


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