The 1st IASTED International Conference on Unconventional Oil Technology (TECH 2011)

Venue: Calgary

Location: Calgary, Canada

Event Date/Time: Jul 04, 2011 End Date/Time: Jul 06, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Feb 01, 2011
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The 1st IASTED International Conference on Unconventional Oil Technology (TECH 2011) will be a major forum for international researchers and practitioners interested in all areas of unconventional oils, including oil and tar sands, oil shales, heavy oils, and other hydrocarbons that do not flow. It will be an opportunity to present and observe the latest research, results, and ideas in these areas. The story of unconventional oil is one of continuous scientific and technological advancement. Companies, universities, and governments have invested billions of dollars developing, exploring, and implementing new technologies and processes in their unconventional oil operations. The push to innovation is required to assure that the recovery of energy from unconventional sources is efficient and, at the same time, minimizes the impact on the environment. Current technologies allow for the production of less than half of the reserves of unconventional resources that are known to exist. New technologies, safer for the environment and economically sound, are needed to tap into the reserves that are untouchable today.

The topics of interest to be covered by TECH 2011 include, but are not limited to:
* Bio-fuels
* Coal to liquids
* Coal-bed methane
* Developments in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage - SAGD
* Energy conservation and non-thermal production
* Extra heavy oils
* Tertiary recovery
* Thinking outside the traditional "Pay Zone"
* Understanding Toe-to-Heal Air Injection - THAI
* Vapor Assisted Petroleum Extraction - VAPEX and other technologies