2011 Asia-Pacific International Offshore Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition (OGE-Asia 2011)

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Location: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China

Event Date/Time: Jun 14, 2011 End Date/Time: Jun 16, 2011
Registration Date: Jun 01, 2011
Early Registration Date: Jun 01, 2010
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2011 Asia-Pacific International Offshore Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition

Time: June 14th - 16th, 2011
Venue: China Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
(Add: Fuhua Third Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen 518048, China)

2011 Asia-Pacific International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Special Director:
National Department of Energy

China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group)
China National Petroleum Corporation
China National offshore oil Corporation

Chinese Petroleum Society
China Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry Association
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Business Media China AG

A complete competitive marketing event and annual trade banquet for enterprise decision-makers. There are over 1,600 attendees, over 35,000m2 of exhibition space, over 600 exhibitors, over18,000 professional visitors.

Offshore Oil and Gas Are the New Resources of Tomorrow’s World
The development of offshore oil and gas, especially deepwater and ultra-deepwater oil and gas resource exploration and development, has become an important area of the global oil and gas extraction field. According to Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) statistics, in 2009, the output of offshore oil accounted for 33% of the entire world's global oil output. It is estimated that this number will increase to 35% by 2020. The output of offshore gas represented 31% of the global gas output, and is expected to increase to 41% by 2020.

China’s Offshore Oil and Gas Era is coming
Based on results from the third oil resource appraisal, China’s offshore oil total resource amount is 27.53 billion tons, with a natural gas total resource amount of 10.6 trillion cubic meters. China’s South Sea accounts for 1/3 of the nation’s total oil and gas resources, and as such is known as the “Second Persian Gulf". With the daily dwindling of land-based oil resources, the development of offshore oil has become a consideration of national plans. In the future, limits on offshore oil and gas development will be relaxed, so as to encourage domestic oil companies and even technologically-advanced, leading international oil powerhouses to develop the offshore oil and gas industry. The offshore oil and gas era of our country is already upon us.

Exhibition Schedule:
Register and Set-up for Raw Space June 12th – 13th 2011
Opening Ceremony June 14th, 2011 ( Am 9:00)
Exhibition Time June 14th – 16th 2011
Exhibition closed June 16th 2011

Exhibition Content
? Drilling and completion equipment, exploration services and equipment;
? Deepwater technology and equipment, submarine installations and oil rigs, offshore drilling platforms,
? Ocean exploration ship, marine floating platforms, pumps and compressors, diving equipment, remote
? Pipeline inspection and maintenance; pipelines and pipeline components;
? Steel, special metals, welding and cutting equipment, alloys and welding alloys;
? Lift crane and winch, oil and gas engineering systems, power generation and propulsion;
? Environment and oil spill response equipment, professional valves and fittings;
? Mooring, chain, rope and anchor, corrosion protection, insulation materials; cables, control umbilicals
and associated equipment;
? Bushings and washers, lubricant additives, lubricants and other chemical products;
? Liquefied natural gas technology and equipment;
?Emergency control and closed systems, communications and information processing and transmission
? Assembly, manufacturing and repairing field, oil and gas storage and oil and gas storage monitoring;
Floating oil storage installations and equipment, rock handling equipment, lighting systems and
equipment, computer systems equipment and software;
? Processing, separation, filtration and water treatment, water and electrical equipment, hydrology,
meteorology, seismology, data detection and processing;
?Rescue, security equipment, explosion-proof equipment; testing, maintenance and repair,
instrumentation equipment, fire fighting system and fire materials
? Oil well service equipment, finance, project contracting, consulting services.

Booth Specification & Expense:
Chinese Exhibition Area
Shell Scheme (Standard Booth):(3M×3M=9M2)RMB 9800
Raw Space: (Min. 36m2) 1000 RMB/ M2
International Exhibition Area
Shell Scheme(Standard Booth):(3M×3M=9M2) RMB 28000
Raw Space: (Min. 36m2) RMB 2850 / M2
Technology Lectures: RMB 8000 / hour including event area and related equipment rental fees, etc
1. A Shell Scheme (Standard Booth) includes: display sign with company name, three walls, one meeting table, two chairs, two lights, carpet, exhibit security, daily cleaning services, etc.
2. The “raw space” option does not include any other furnishings or decorations, which are to be installed by the exhibitor themselves. In accordance with exhibition hall regulations, a standard building or construction management fee of 20 RMB/ m2 before exhibit time must be paid to the exhibition hall.
3. Please remit USD or EURO to us according to the local exchange rate of that day

Participation Procedure:
1. Choose the booth and fill in the application form, then fax or e-mail to the organization committee;
2. Conform the application and sign the contract with the committee;
3. Pay the deposit by means of remittance of cheque;
4. After pay-off, on receiving the exhibition guide, please prepare for your exhibition.

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Fuhua Third Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen 518048, China