Event Date/Time: Feb 08, 2011
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Ensuring campus-wide compliance with FERPA regulations continues be a challenge for most colleges and universities. This webcast is intended to clarify how to apply the regulations, explain how the regulations have changed recently, and answer any questions administrators have on a case-by-case basis.

Join us online as we examine challenging FERPA questions in a variety of scenarios including:

* The health-or-safety emergency exception
* Electronic student records and limitations of access
* Access to education records for research purposes and auditors
* Sharing records across institutions where a student has been admitted or attended

Campus administrators, staff, and other defined "school officials" who have authorized access to student records and need to understand how the latest regulatory changes might impact their use of protected information will benefit from this webcast. This includes representatives of the registrar, student affairs, admissions, campus safety, financial aid, bursar, residence life, judicial affairs and legal counsel, health services, advising and counseling services, and information technology.