International Systemic Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation & Post-War Recovery and Reconciliation ((PCTR))

Venue: Inter -Peacebuilding Nairobi-KICC

Location: Nairobi, Ke, Kenya

Event Date/Time: May 14, 2011 End Date/Time: May 18, 2011
Registration Date: Apr 14, 2011
Early Registration Date: Feb 15, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 15, 2011
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Application Process
The application process designed by I IPDTC.-PEV ensures admission for both highly qualified individuals and professionals at the beginning of their careers in peace building, conflict transformation, development work, mediation or other related fields. The process is set up to provide proper evaluation of each applicant in order to guide the individuals/ organizations to the most suitable trainings in the Conference for their development and expertise level.

In order to participate in one of the IPDTC.-PEV Conference trainings, individuals and organizations must go through the following steps of application process:

Step 1
Acquiring full information about the training one would like to attend. These information can be found in the training outlines uploaded to the present site under the following menu items: 2011Conference Programmes and/ or Programme Catalogue.

Acquiring full information about the Cancelation Policy of Kenya IPDTC –PEV referring to the engagement between participants and IPDTC.-PEV

For additional information not found in the above mentioned documents, please contact our Training Kenya Coordinator.

Step 2
Fully completing and sending in the IPDTC.-PEV Kenya Application Form. The application form must be sent according to the specifications found on the application form to the Training Coordinator.

Please Note: Only fully paid and completed applications will be considered for evaluation.
Step 3
Evaluation process by the IPDTC.-PEV Kenya Assessment Committee.
Each application received will be forwarded to the IPDTC Assessment Committee for evaluation. The Assessment Committee comprises in: IPDTC.-PEV Director, IPDTC.-PEV trainer, IPDTC.-PEV coordinator. The results of the application will be communicated with the applicant in maximum 5 working days from the date the application was received by IPDTC.-PEV. The replies received can be the following:
Accepted – with the acceptance e-mail each participant will receive the following documents:
Official acceptance/ invitation letter – for those participants that need visa in order to attend the selected IPDTC.-PEV Conference
Confirmation form – for all participants regardless of visa needs. The timeframe for completion and return is as follows: (i) for those participants that do not need visa 5 working days from being accepted; (ii) for those participants who need visa 2 working days from applying for the visa at the embassy/ consulate.
Pre-travel package – with information on the Conference, venue, accommodation, meals, payment possibility, travel and information about the city where the Conference will take place.
Requesting more information – participants may be asked to send recommendation letters/ other additional documents in support for their applications. We kindly ask all possible applicants to prepare recommendation letters.

Other additional documents in advance in case these are required. After the request was made, the applicants have a maximum of 7 working days deadline to provide these to the Assessment Committee.

Not Accepted – There might be cases where the Assessment Committee will consider that the applicant is not suited for the Conference programme that he/ she has applied for or that there aren’t any more places in the Conference programmes selected by the applicants. In all of the cases the applicants will be advised for further steps.

Step 4 – for those participants who require visa in order to attend the selected Conference
After acceptance, those participants that require visa in order to take part in the Conference programme are requested to start immediately the visa process. This process takes up to more then 30 days usually, so an early start would assure participation to the programme.
Step 5 – for all participants
In case accommodation is not included in the price of the Conference (t Conference that take place in Kenya), please book you accommodation in due time, using the information provided in the pre-travel packages or from other, private sources.

Step 6
Arrival and departure from the training programmes
Each training site is carefully chosen in order to be reachable by air and land. Information about these possibilities will be included in the Pre-travel packages

Step 7
Welcome to our conference
In case you encounter any difficulty in the application process please contact our training coordinators using the contact details under Training Coordinator.


P.O.Box 19618-00100

Additional Information