BITs 1st Annual World Congress of Marine Biotechnology

Venue: BIT\'s 1st Annual World Congress of Marine Biotechnology

Location: DALIAN, LN, China

Event Date/Time: Apr 25, 2011 End Date/Time: Apr 29, 2011
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WCBE-2011 will bring together industry leaders, professors, policy makers, investors and researchers to provide unique insights into evolving governmental policies, breakthrough technologies and investment strategies in this growing field. This event will focus on the use of renewable sources of energy as well as on co operations between China and the rest of the world through exhibitions and oral presentations by specialists in the field.

China is currently in a phase of rapid industrialization and integration with the world economy. The rapidly growing economy and changing society of China largely depend upon the availability of energy. Bioenergy development has become a top priority of the government in China, and in January 2006 a renewable energy law was implemented. Strong policy incentives were established to provide favorable conditions for investments in small enterprises and researchers involved in the social and technological transition toward the development of sustainable energy. At an international level, bioenergy has become a dynamic force, with governments, industry, aid-agencies and private investors all interested in the investment opportunities in China due to their large stock of biomass resources from agricultural and forest residues, as well as the vast areas of wasteland that can be used for bioenergy development. By integrating greenhouse gas emissions reduction with the development of sustainable rural energy systems, China can set an example for other biomass rich developing countries as they strive to achieve the combined benefits of social development and environmental protection.

My thanks to the many individuals and organizations that have worked so hard to make this a successful conference. The organizing committee, steering committee, and program committee all worked long hours and put in many creative efforts.

Finally, my appreciation to the participants of this conference. It is due to your keen interest that this field is expanding and exploring new areas. We hope you enjoy the conference and that your participation in it contributes to your professional development and relationships.


The Dalian World Expo Center