Divorce Recovery Workshop on the Internet in January or February

Venue: Internet

Location: Internet, United States

Event Date/Time: Jan 03, 2011 End Date/Time: Feb 28, 2011
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A Positive NEW Divorce and Separation Recovery Workshop via INTERNET and MY Book all about it!

Thanks for letting me have a chance to help someone today!

Are you Feeling Alone, Lost, Angry, Embarrassed and Don't Know if You'll Ever Feel Good again?

Think Your Life Will Ever Be Any Better?

I Can Help You Get Through Your Divorce (or Separation) Just Like I Did!

I am preparing a WEBINAR, which would have you go on line on your PC and receive the audio discussions at a certain "meeting" time each week and see the outline and certain chapters of my book. GOTO MEETING will be used so you can attend this workshop at your home with your Personal Computer!

YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE ANY LONG DISTANCE PHONE CALLS ! Voices will be heard right over your personal computer speakers through GoToMeeting.

Together, a group of others like you, and me will share a lot of the same problems you or I had or are having or will have soon in your divorce or separation. I can show you how I got through these tough times and how I found some good ways to deal positively with them.

In four weekly workshops, we will discuss the many common problems suffered by most, if not all of the millions of us who are divorced and separated each year in our country. I expect you will find some very good help hearing how I, and perhaps others too, have found a happier and more enjoyable life after divorce or separation.

Here's more about myself and my book that I wrote to help you with and how I can help you in this workshop.

Hi, I am Brian Daniel and have been divorced for over six years now and have published a self-help book called....
“Yes, There Is an Upside of Divorce – It Can Be Your Second Chance at Life!”

I use the various chapters in my book as discussion points in a positive look at the ups and downs of divorce and separation and how you can move on past it, quickly and easily, to a happier and more enjoyable life after.

The cost will be LESS THAN $35 per person and includes an autographed copy of my book for your reference and discussion.
This fee will also include four weekday discussions, for two hours each, via the INTERNET at 8:30 to 10:30 pm EST on Tuesday evenings.
Two separate PayPal buttons will be available on my website, one for the Book and one for the Internet Workshop.

My website is http://self-help-products-and-services.com/index.html

I plan to hold these workshops as soon as we get past August, a real vacation month, for a lot of us each year.


IF you are interested sooner, you can use the PayPal button to buy your book NOW for $14.99 plus S&H on this same website. This covers the autographed book sent to you ahead of time, AND PLEASE PUT “WWW” AFTER YOUR NAME, so I know you may be attending this workshop and so that I remember to autograph your book!

James@Self-Help-Products-and-Services.com will prepare and ship your order to your address within 2 days of your receipt of funds through Pay Pal.

Once we get eight or more people signed up, I'll release the dates and you'll have time to enter just another $15 on a separate PayPal button on my internet site for the four weeks of Internet Workshop discussions (via GOTO Meeting on the internet).

Here’s my website again http://self-help-products-and-services.com/index.html

Again, IF YOU BUY A BOOK FROM MY WEBSITE HERE, before the workshops, then your entrance fee for the discussions will be reduced from $35 to just another $15, a discount to cover most of the Shipping & Handling for your book.

If you decide that you do NOT want to join the group workshop on the internet with GO TO Meeting, this separate charge for the book will not be refunded if you decide NOT to join the discussions.


If you want to learn more about my book and personal experiences, see my Book pages on Amazon and you can, of course, buy my book there too and see if you like the material there. You can use link on my website below that goes to my book page on Amazon.

My book is based on my own personal experiences with divorce; both the negative issues and the many more POSITIVE sides that can exist AFTER divorce too. I believe it can help many of the millions of us who suffer through a divorce and separation each year in our country.

With some prayers and positive thinking, I can show you how to handle the most difficult issues of divorce more easily and quickly than I did myself. I can then help you to move on to your real second chance at life, which you have now. You will see the many more positive sides and opportunities that are there for you too after divorce. The many new “things-to-do,” that I did to make it a happier and more enjoyable rest-of-life for myself, may also help you to do the same.

My book page on Amazon has received a recommendation from Self-Help-Product-Reviews and three full 5-star ratings from my first Amazon reviewers at Amazon. One of these reviewers is Tracy who runs the national website Woman’s Divorce (com).

You can easily find my book by searching “upside of divorce” in their Books section. Clicking on the cover will take you to my book’s separate page where you can look inside to see the table of contents and an excerpt.

You can link to my Amazon book page directly with the link below...


Again, you can also use the link below for my separate website where you can save $4 to $7 off Amazon’s costs on one or more copies.


For orders of 2, 4 and 6 copies or more, you can get another 10%, 20% and 30% discount respectively including reduced shipping charges too.

I was the one who didn't want a divorce and the one who was left behind too and bring that perspective too. I wrote this book for others to make it more quickly and easily for them to get through the tough times in divorce and then on to their BETTER life after divorce. I did it myself and wrote how I was further able to find a happier and more enjoyable life too!

Your life change coming may seem terrible right now but your situation can be a real opportunity to learn how to live a happier and more enjoyable life!

I believe you will find some good help here in my book. Pleas pass along to any family members or friends who may need some good help too.

Brian Daniel


Do you need to be thrifty after your divorce/separation?
See the discounted MONEY ideas on this website too!
We will discuss some about this topic too if there's interest.