Reservoir Geology of Sandstones

Venue: To Be Announced

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Event Date/Time: Mar 15, 2011 End Date/Time: Mar 18, 2011
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Course Description

This 4-day course discusses conventional oil and gas reservoirs as well as tight gas reservoirs with case histories from the Belly River and Glauconitic in Southern Alberta, the Cardium in NW Alberta and the Nikanassin/Minnes in NE BC. The course shows how one performs a systemic reservoir geological evaluation starting with the rock (core workshop and cuttings workshops). We will also be reviewing the use of petrography, in particular thin section analysis, and special core analysis (capillary pressures and relative permeability). The latter are critical for understanding the reservoir plumbing and helps derive reservoir limits or cut-offs. The course discusses furthermore how to use this rock data in log analysis. Integrating production and pressure data, it will be shown how all these techniques are used to generate maps and to develop a reservoir management strategy.

A complete set of course materials and a light lunch are included.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for junior and intermediate geologists and anyone else interested in learning ‘what makes a sandstone reservoir tick’.

Course Outline
Day 1
Reservoir Geology and its role in Reservoir Management.
Workshop – How to do a systematic geological evaluation.
The Milk River, a classic meandering river with low or negative accommodation
The Bow River, an example of an incised valley with braided river deposits.
Cuttings Examination & description - lecture
Cuttings Examination - workshop

Day 2
Core examination & description: lecture
Core Examination workshop with examples from:
1. Cardium – NW Alberta
2. Belly River – Ferrybank
3. Sunburst – Horsefly
4. Alderson – Glauconitic
Case History: The Glauconitic of the Alderson ‘Z’ Pool in S.Alberta.
Thin section analysis lecture

Day 3
Thin section analysis workshop
SEM and XRD analysis
Case history – Belly River
Capillary Pressures and other pressures
Relative Permeability
Case history /workshop Amisk-Thompson Lake
Case history Belly River in the Huxley Area

Day 4
Log Analysis
Case history: Next Round for the Basal Belly River in Ferry Bank
Case history: Cardium in NW Alberta
Case history: Jurassic tight gas in the Mink-Grizzly Area
Case history: Sunburst in Horsefly Lake
Final Sermon


Additional Information

Instructor: Godfried Wasser Dates: March 15 - 18, 2011 Location: Calgary, AB Price: $2295 CAD [b]For More Information or to Register:[/b]