Event Date/Time: Mar 22, 2011 End Date/Time: Mar 23, 2011
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Course Description
Learning to write is easy. Learning to write proficiently, perhaps even professionally is not so simple. It is a lifelong challenge and an essential skill for communicating thoughts clearly.

This course covers fundamentals of the English language that contribute to writing well. It focuses on describing, not prescribing how to write well. In other words, the course offers information on how the writer makes decisions, but avoids telling the participant what to write or how to speak. These are decisions for the writer to make, and in this course, the participant will learn how to achieve desired results. We teach guidelines – not rules – for writing!

Grammar essentials and “Plain Language” are the focus. Sentence and paragraph construction, sentence and paragraph organization, and critical thinking processes are also covered in detail.

Delivered as a combination of classroom lecture and discussion, as well as the use of practical examples, this course provide participants with the opportunity to apply the processes, tools, and techniques presented in the class.

On completion of this seminar, the participant will learn:

- Parts of speech and how to build effective sentences.
- The difference between using the active versus the passive
voice, and how and when to use them.
- To understand how to identify “nominalizations” and then
eliminate them to improve comprehension and clarity.
- To use concrete, high value verbs.
- To understand the difference between using positive and
negative phrasing, to choose the positive, and why.
- To plan and write a reader-centered document effectively.
- To use critical thinking skills for solving problems in writing.
- To organize sentences and create effective paragraphs.
- How to manage gender-sensitive issues in writing
professional documents.

Who Should Attend
This course will benefit all industry professionals whose work involves corporate communication through writing and who would like to develop or improve fundamental skills for writing well. It will be of particular interest as well to professionals for whom English is a second or a foreign language.

The course is designed for all levels of writing ability. A complementary course called Corporate Writing for Professionals is also offered for those interested in advancing their report writing skills.

Course Outline
Thinking Well and Writing Clearly
Writing with Increased confidence
Seven Guiding Principles to Improve the Writing Process
Text as Half the Dialogue

Grammar Essentials

Construction Processes
The Sentence
Active & Passive
The Paragraph

Organization Processes
Plain Language Principles
Organizational Strategies

Critical Thinking Processes
Deductive Reasoning
Inductive Reasoning
Abductive Reasoning

Debunking Writing Myths


Additional Information

Instructor: George Veenhuysen Dates: March 22-23, 2011 Location: Calgary, AB Price: $795 CAD [b]For More Information or to Register:[/b] http://www.progress-seminars.com/seminar/146/the-essentials-of-effective-writing/mar-22-11/