Event Date/Time: Apr 05, 2011
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Many companies often utilize a strict return-on-investment model with a single hurdle rate to make project decisions. Companies employ this strategy when making purchasing decisions, deciding production strategies, deciding which projects to bid on and more. However this strategy is limited and in many cases leads to high return-on-investment proposals never coming to fruition. Furthermore, the decisions made can occupy all of a company’s resources and still leave them strapped for cash. One solution to this problem is a moving away from this simplistic approach and implementing a system based on risk-adjusted return-on-investment. Factoring in risk can keep the cash flowing and ensures that valuable resources are being used effectively.

Attending the Risk-Adjusted Return on Investment course will enable companies that use a single ROI hurdle rate to transition to a risk-adjusted ROI system. Participants will learn to evaluate risk and create an upgraded decision system to determine their own optimal mix of returns, improving their chance of success.


9500 Gilman Drive #0553
San Diego
United States

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Price: $250 - includes course materials, campus parking and continental breakfast. Time of Event: 7:45am–12pm.