New Roles for Human Resource Practitioners

Venue: The Royal Elephant Hotel

Location: Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

Event Date/Time: Feb 24, 2011 End Date/Time: Feb 25, 2011
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The modern world of business is changing rapidly in its attempt to gain and maintain a competitive edge. Business is operating in an environment affected by macro environmental factors ranging from Technology to Legislation and Globalization. These factors and many others are causing business to re-evaluate itself, both internally as well as externally. Structures are becoming flatter and decentralization is taking place as organizations attempt to remain competitive, survive and grow.

The result is that excess costs and "fat" is being vigorously trimmed from organizations. The new message is "Add value or cease to exist" The modern HR Practitioner can no longer afford to be a "cost" centre, as organizations will not easily tolerate "cost" centers in their mission to survive and prosper.

How then should HR ensure that it adds value and is not seen as just "another cost centre"?
This program not only informs the HR Practitioner of what he/she has to do to add value – it gives you the tools to add value and shows you how to apply this knowledge in your own work environment.

Key learning objectives
•Understand and explain the drivers of business change and their effect on your organization;
•Apply, utilize and understand the four key functions of management;
•Understand and learn how to operate as an HR Business Partner;
•Understand the value and concept of the 5 New Roles for HR Practitioners;
•Use a range of tools and self assessment instruments to evaluate and develop your skills in each of the five core HR Business Partner roles;
•Identify barriers and enablers for each of the 5 roles, in your own specific work environment;
•Learn how to play the 5 New Roles within the context of your organization.
•Understand how to operate your HR Department as a strategic value adding resource to your organization;
•Understand how to not only add value, but also be seen to add value to your organization.

Who should attend?
•Human Resource Directors
•Human Resource Managers
•Human Resource Officers
•Human Resource Specialists
•Operations and Line Managers