PPP Advanced Modeling with Legal Analysis, Toronto - The Vair Companies

Venue: Toronto

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Event Date/Time: Apr 14, 2011 End Date/Time: Apr 15, 2011
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People do not sign models - They sign the contracts that those models represent. Public-Private Partnership Modeling & Legal Analysis is a Vair Training Specialty Class and focuses uniquely on Public-Private Partnership ("PPP") projects in Canada and their related modeling issues. After reviewing some basic elements that separate PPP from traditional infrastructure and project financing, the participants are given a full suite of project documents and macroeconomic information that are indicative to infrastructure projects. This is followed by a step-by-step procedure of building a complex model for a concessionaire bid. This phase of the course demonstrates how to dove-tail contracts and shows that nothing in PPP is mutually exclusive.

  • Build an extensive concessionaire bid model

  • Learn advanced modeling techniques for robustness

  • Review for specific legal, contract and structure due diligence

  • Use financial models to guide negotiations and decision-making

  • Learn to "negotiate off the model" instead of "modeling off the negotiations"

  • Engage in current commercial discussions with active project developer/financial advisor and PPP legal experts

Once completed, the delegates review the model from a due-diligence analysis, usually taken from a government, lender or third-party equity perspective. The final phase of this module uses sophisticated model techniques, including @RISK 5.0, to help the practitioner price the deal and negotiate off the financial model. Special consideration is given to more advanced PPP issues like liquidated-damages analysis and appropriate security packages. @RISK Monte Carlo Simulation capabilities will bring a value-add and more dynamic dimension to the normally static spreadsheet analysis. The course's overriding theme is to use the model as a highly-developed financial analysis tool that reviews the appropriate risk-versus-reward profiles of project finance. This is an advanced course and is geared to the intermediate-to-advanced delegate.

Course Participants Include:
Infrastructure Heads, CFOs, Financial Analysts, Project Finance Teams, Corporate & Structured Finance Teams, Investment & Evaluation Professionals, Business Development Planners, Joint Ventures Specialists, Contactors, Gov't Finance Officers/Treasurers, Accountants, PF/PPP Attorneys

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