World Pharmacogenomics Summit

Venue: Boston

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 26, 2011 End Date/Time: Apr 29, 2011
Registration Date: Apr 26, 2011
Early Registration Date: Feb 04, 2011
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Pharmacogenomics is now a fully integrated function within all major pharmaceutical companies. It's no surprise what with the healthcare industry's drive towards personalized medicine, advancing tools and technologies for molecular analysis and the FDA increasingly demanding genomic data for drug approval.

But successfully implementing a PGx strategy to improve drug development is fraught with major difficulties that are currently preventing the widespread success of this strategy.

That's why, in collaboration with industry leading pharmacogenomics, genetics and biomarker specialists from Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, MSD, Eli Lilly and MD Anderson Cancer Centre among others, we've put together a program that will help you make the most out of molecular data to accelerate drug development and stratify patients for clinical success.

What's on the agenda?

This meeting is designed specifically to ensure you give your clinicians the data they need to propel your drugs through the clinic and keep patients safe. Learn from drug industry leaders how to stratify patient populations with the right PGx approach and increase your drug's chance of success. Here are just some of the topics our experts will be addressing:

How to build a PGx strategy into the whole drug development life-cycle: From drug discovery, to clinical development and post-marketing
How to systematically evaluate the utility of a PGx approach for individual drug programs and identify the questions your PGx program should give answers to
Elucidate key pathways for drug target ID, screen out unsuitable compounds andimprove drug design in candidate selection using genomic analyses
Stratify patients to improve progression through the clinic by identifying predictors of drug efficacy and rare adverse events
Understand the regulatory requirements for PGx in drug safety assessment, genomic clinical trials and companion diagnostic development
When does a predictive marker in the clinic turn into a companion diagnostic? And how do you develop and commercialize a companion diagnostic based on a genomic marker?
Why attend?

Every presentation and contact will help you improve your research and business aims - everyone at the meeting is here to discuss how to associate genomic and molecular data with drug response and how to make the most of molecular data to make better decisions throughout drug development, as well as for patient stratification.

Don't just listen to speakers and attendees - meet them and discuss your work in our intimate and informal conference setting. Plus, we'll make sure you meet everybody you want to in our dedicated speed networking session.

Receive tailored guidance on achieving patient stratification - our pre-conference workshops are a fantastic opportunity to get the information and contacts you need to achieve your research and business aims (over and above the inside information you will gain from the meeting itself).

Who's this meeting for?

Whether you are new to the field or expanding your existing capabilities around pharmacogenomics, this meeting is a one-stop shop of the latest developments and strategies you need to be aware of. That means anyone involved with:

Translational medicine
Clinical pharmacology
Genetic/molecular toxicology
Molecular profiling
Personalized medicine
(Companion) diagnostics