Venue: Kloster Irsee

Location: Irsee, Germany

Event Date/Time: Aug 07, 2011 End Date/Time: Aug 12, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 31, 2011
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Thermal barrier coatings are complex, multi-layered, and multi-material systems with many variants related to composition, processing and microstructure. Further understanding of the science and behavior of these materials that will result in the successful advancement of the technology requires a truly multidisciplinary approach.

This conference will be third in series of conferences sponsored by ECI at Irsee, Germany (2003 and 2007) on Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs). Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) Systems continue to be a key materials technology that offers great benefit to the operation of gas turbine aircraft engines, gas turbine shipboard engines, land base industrial gas turbine engines, and recently diesel reciprocating engines. The technology associated with TBC has progressed steadily since the introduction of these coatings over forty years ago. It is noteworthy that research in thermal barrier coatings has accelerated greatly in the past ten years and that this research has resulted in the commercial and military use of new bond coats, low conductivity coatings and coatings that resist degradation induced by environmental deposits ingested into the engine. Current research includes development of prime-reliant TBCs, TBCs for ceramic matrix composites, and recently TBCs that will resist reaction with volcanic ash. Thermal barrier coating systems are now key elements in the design of new and advanced engines and are enabling many new designs with improved efficiencies and higher thrusts. Extensive research and development of TBCs is being carried out in every major industrialized country by industry, academia, and national institutions and laboratories.

Since the last conference, research activity has continued to increase and the successful implementation of new and advanced coating systems has been achieved. Several technologies that were in the developmental phase and reported on at the prior two ECI TBC Conferences are now being deployed and will be discussed. Also since the last conference, research activities in TBCs have greatly increased in Japan and China.

The conference will address the multi-disciplinary nature of thermal barrier coatings and will attempt to bring together those who have expertise in specific aspects of the materials involved, processing, mechanics of degradation, interfacial and bulk diffusion, newer materials as alternatives to yttria stabilized zirconia, fundamentals of high-temperature oxidation, and other degradation mechanisms such as CMAS attack, thermal conductivity, and the basics of thermal transport, high temperature creep and sintering phenomena and engineering design.

Poster Award
Poster prizes will be awarded to the best three posters submitted by students.

Publication of Abstracts
Abstracts will be published in the conference program book, available to all participants at the time of the conference.