International Workshop on Context-aware QoS Provisioning and Management for Emerging Networks, Appli (ContextQoS2011)

Venue: Maui

Location: Maui, Hawaii, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 31, 2011 End Date/Time: Aug 04, 2011
Registration Date: Mar 07, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 07, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Mar 07, 2011
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Context-aware QoS provisioning and management has many facets and most of the time novel tailored QoS schemes are required to provide an appropriate level of QoS for different types of networks, applications and services.

For example, the execution of business processes is supported by running many applications within a corporate network. Each business process includes several tasks which have different priorities expressing each task's relevance in helping to achieve the related business objectives. The provisioning of a certain level of QoS according to the requirements of an entire business process can hardly be accomplished in Wired Intra-Networks using traditional QoS provisioning and management schemes because these do not account for the dynamic requirements introduced by business processes. The definition of a certain level of QoS using the traditional models is just driven by technical aspects of the running applications. A novel QoS scheme must be context-aware regarding business processes and must account for the dynamic requirements and ideally permits application-independent usage.

The context of business processes as input for context-aware QoS provisioning and management in Wired Intra-Networks is only one application area in this field. Context-awareness is required in several types of networks and for different types of applications and services. All of these are different. E.g., the occurring network traffic in Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks cannot be compared to network traffic of a corporate Intra-Network. Each of them have different constraints and demands that should be covered by a context-aware QoS provisioning and management system. This workshop, among other things, wants to bring together researchers to present and discuss novel approaches and solutions as well as recent results in this area of research, e.g. specially designed for Cloud and Grid Computing, Wireless Mesh Networks, Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Wireless and Mobile Sensor Networks, Private Home Networks.
Technical Topics

* Recognition of QoS-relevant Context-patterns
* Context-pattern Transformation for QoS Provisioning and Management
* Autonomous Context-aware Traffic Classification
* Concepts for achieving Transparency to co-existing QoS mechanisms
* Security and Privacy of Context-aware QoS approaches
* Architectures of Context-aware QoS Systems
* QoS-Control Protocols for QoS Provisioning and Management
* Cross-Platform QoS Control
* Implementation of Context-aware QoS-Drivers and Middlewares
* Performance analysis (test-bed and simulation) of Context-aware QoS approaches
* Concepts for Usage of Context-aware QoS approaches
* Real-Time concepts for Context-aware QoS Control


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