XII International conference on history of management thought and business «SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY O

Venue: Moscow

Location: Moscow, Russia

Event Date/Time: Jun 28, 2011 End Date/Time: Jun 30, 2011
Registration Date: May 02, 2011
Early Registration Date: May 02, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: May 02, 2011
Paper Submission Date: May 02, 2011
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It has become a tradition for Russian and foreign theorists and practitioners of management to take part in annual international conferences on the History of Management Thought and Businesses, held by Moscow State University in order to discuss various important problems by topic of conferences.
Over the course of time several conferences have been held on the following topics: "Development of Management Concepts" (1996), "Enterprise Restructuring in Transitional Economy and Practice" (1998), "Government and Business" (2000), "Development of Personnel Management” ( 2001) "Problems of Measurement in the Management" (2002, 2003), "Scientific Managerial Concepts vs. Real Management" (2004, 2005), "The Russian Model of Management: Past, Present and Future" (2008), "National Models of Management" ( 2009) "Business Models: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (2010).
The participants of the last conference have unanimously supported the idea of devoting the next conference to the problems social responsibility of business and management ethics. Both practical and theoretical significance of marked aspects of Business and Management rose sharply within recent years in Russia and abroad. At the forthcoming Conference we hope to gather, see and listen to messengers of different countries and scientific schools, representatives of different businesses. We will discuss opportunities for combining the efforts of academicians and practitioners of management to get answers on following questions:
1. What has "Social Responsibility of Business" and "Management Ethics" meant for Russia in the past and what does it mean in the present?
2. What is the public role of managers and how does it relate to other roles of managers with respect to business ethics, e.g. comparing with H. Mintzberg's theory?
3. What are the differences in the social responsibility of managers at various levels of the organization? Is there a kind of hierarchy among the ethical and unethical managers?
4. How can we measure and discern “ethical” and “unethical” managerial decisions?
5. What are the reasons and forms of "unethical managerial behavior" and "unethical managerial decisions"? Are they influenced by such factors as national culture, education, individual manager’s psychology, size of business and its legal form, business culture, government influence, influence of foreign multinationals on local business culture, global standards, etc.?
6. What kinds of interpretations of ethical aspects of Entrepreneurship and Business exist in different religions? How these interpretations influence on real business?
7. What is the criteria basis of decision making processes and managerial decisions which result in “unethical” decisions and “unethical” behavior of a manager?
8. Does every "unethical managerial decision" result in inefficiency and/or an ineffective decision?
9. How do ethical and unethical decisions affect relationships between Russian businesses and those outside of Russia? How does the Russian business culture affect the global business culture?
10. What is the epistemology of scientific research on ethical problem of management? What are the specific difficulties an organization encounters when conducting research on corporate social responsibility of business and management ethics?
11. Does "management ethics" depend on the stage of the lifecycle of the organization?
12. Are there any programmes designed to eradicate "unethical" managers? How can an organization turn "unethical management" into "ethical management"?
13. How should a new generation of students and managers be trained in order to create a generation of "ethical managers"?

These and other questions are to be discussed at the Conference, which will be held at the Faculty of Economics of the Moscow State University on 28-30, June 2011.
Preliminary consent to participate in the conference has been given by specialists from the USA, UK, Italy, Belorussia, Ukraine and Russia.