2nd International Conference on Information Systems and Technology (ICIST2011)

Venue: Lulu International Convention Center

Location: Thrissur, Kerala, India

Event Date/Time: May 16, 2011 End Date/Time: May 17, 2011
Registration Date: Apr 10, 2011
Early Registration Date: Mar 15, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Mar 15, 2011
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The digital world is a theatre of intense conflict and debate. A visible conflict is on for usurping rights over software, standards and protocols. The quest for ownership has elevated to great levels to even prompt taking over those professional bodies that acknowledge or assist in production of knowledge or standards in the digital domain. As a result, the world has Free Software, i.e., software released under GNU General Public Licenses. We also have a plethora of knowledge repositories and media created and distributed via Creative Commons or such similar licenses. Corporates unilaterally continue to claim ownership over data formats, by evading formal processes adopted by standards organisations. The process of converting a proprietary format into a standard requires relinquishing of ownerships, which the corporates are not willing to commit. Moves to convince corporates to relinquish ownership and patent claims are going futile. Failures to convince are witnessing birth of newer alternatives. Today we have organisations and freedom-conscious citizens who have created open data formats that are free from ownerships and a host of open data standards. As the world economy shifts its orientation and outlook from a product-based environment to a service-based environment, such interventions provide an enabling-condition to a large chunk of world citizens, who can now think of participating in global transactions without much effort. Private corporates who continue to live with their patented products are quite likely to realise erosion of their base from the minds of ordinary people.

A near similar build-up is also happening within the domain of cryptography, albeit, with a slight difference. Crypto and Cipher tools and utilities until recently had obvious uses and needs by elites to hide and transmit information. However when the same techniques were applied to publish leaks, a language of violence and greed, hitherto unknown to the world's citizens suddenly became public. People in power who stand exposed are now feeling ashamed of their conduct and opinions aired. To the fore came techne with a brilliant counter-political move. The world is now aware that ethics needn't be self-imposed, it can be enforced !! A miniscule of most corrupt and powerful set of people who have stashed illgotten wealth find them on the brink of getting exposed, and so are banking institutions that conducted unethical managerial practices. Transparency hurts the cunning, when their misdeeds come out in the open. Corrupt entities find themselves threatened by technology, for, whatever had been invented for secrecy are now returning to haunt. Predators suddenly realise that they are being preyed upon, and that escape is no more possible !! Rules of life in the new millennium are changing. We need to continue scripting more of such rules to help realise a better digital world. The Second International Conference on Information Systems and Technology (ICIST 2011) aims at bringing forth researchers and scholars from academic and research establishments to present unpublished research, case studies, implementations or critical reviews for works which aim at re-creating a sensible world.



Additional Information

Proceedings of the conference would be brought out as a special issue of a Journal on Technology and Management.