9th International Fröhlich’s Symposium Electrodynamic Activity of Living Cells, Including Microtu (EDALC11)

Venue: Prague

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Event Date/Time: Jul 01, 2011 End Date/Time: Jul 03, 2011
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Main themes of the Symposium

The Symposium will continue in the series of Symposia devoted to physical processes in living cells organized in Prague, Czech Republic, since 1987. Generation of the electromagnetic field, their function, and measurement in biological systems are the key issues of the program. Oscillations of microtubules, leading to polarized electromagnetic emission, their dependence on internal microtubule properties, cellular energy system, static electric field of mitochondria and cytosol water ordering are the fundamental physical questions concerning biological activity of living cells. Physical differences between healthy and pathologically transformed cells, in particular cancer cells, will be included too. The discovery of the ballistic conductance of electrons in microtubules, measured in the Tsukuba laboratories in Japan is assumed to be presented. Detection of absorption of electromagnetic fields by tumors as a new method of cancer diagnostics will be discussed. Brain activity and consciousness may be based on coherent microtubule vibration states as well as information transfer inside the brain and between the brain and the body of the biological system.

The Symposium will also follow up topics of the recent meetings in the USA, namely the ”Google Workshop on Quantum Biology” (Mountain View, October 22, 2010), the workshop “Quantum Mechanics and Cancer Biology” (Arizona State University, Phoenix, October 25-27, 2010), and the seminar “Microtubule Update: Megahertz Coherence, Ballistic Conductance and Quantum Computing” (The University of Arizona, Tucson, October 28, 2010).
The tradition of Prague meetings

Symposium “Electrodynamic Activity of Living Cells” is the 9th event in the series of international scientific meetings that started more than two decades ago. The first meeting was entitled “Biophysical Aspects of Cancer” (July 6-9, 1987) and was organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and 1st Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. At this occasion the eminent anglo-german physicist H. Fröhlich presented the lecture “Coherence in Biology” and W.R. Adey the lecture “Evidence for Tissue Interactions with Microwaves and other Nonionizing Electromagnetic Fields in Cancer Promotion”. The next meeting was included as a separate section into the International conference “Neuronet’93” (September 20-25, 1993). This section was devoted to the Fröhlich coherent systems and information transfer. The role of Fröhlich coherence in the neural activity was discussed too. Next meeting on “Biophysical Aspects of Coherence” was organized in September 11-15, 1995.

Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics (now Institute of Photonics and Electronics) of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has taken over the main initiative to organize the meetings since 1998. The series continued with

“Electromagnetic Fields in Biological Systems” (September 13-15, 1998),
“Electromagnetic Aspects of Selforganization in Biology” (July 9-12, 2000),
“Endogenous Physical Fields in Biology” (July 1-3, 2002),
“Coherence and Electromagnetic Fields in Biological Systems” (July 1-4, 2005),
“Biophysical Aspects of Cancer – Electromagnetic Mechanisms” (July 1-3, 2008).

The 1st Medical Faculty of the Charles University and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague were co-organizers of all these meetings. Their program contained estimation of the role of microtubules in generation of electrodynamic activity of living cells and the physical part of the cancer transformation pathway based on experimental data and theoretical concepts.