Lean Healthcare Summit 2011

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Event Date/Time: Mar 15, 2011 End Date/Time: Apr 07, 2011
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15 March 2011-7 April 2011
Accelerating Lean and Process Improvement in Healthcare
Maximizing patient safety and throughput by embracing the power of Lean and Process Excellence

Leading Lean Healthcare experts from across the US and beyond come direct to your computer to share best practice improvement initiatives for your healthcare organization!

The healthcare industry is increasingly under massive pressure to not only meet and exceed demands for patient safety and quality of care, but is expected to do so at lower and lower cost. Becoming a pioneer in both efficiency and effectiveness has become essential to the job of any healthcare leader.

You’re not only trying to save lives and transform the way healthcare is delivered but simultaneously attacking waste, complexity and variation to reduce turnaround times and unnecessary cost – it’s not an easy task.

Of course you’re not the only one. More and more healthcare professionals like you are turning to tried and tested process improvement methods such as Lean to deliver constantly on these competing demands.

But it’s not that simple and whilst Lean holds the key to unlock great efficiencies, it’s not something you can implement overnight. Perhaps you too are struggling to:
• Capture and sustain staff and physician engagement for Lean improvements
• Find the right balance between standardized processes and the need to respond in a flexible fashion to individual the patient needs
• Select and prioritize focus for Lean projects to reap maximum rewards for the organization and create buy-in
The list could go on. However, help is at hand…

With your most immediate challenges in mind, 16 leading healthcare organizations have come together to share their experiences, advice and best practice on achieving sustainable results and ROI from your Lean and process improvement initiative.

Providing you with inspirational and world class learning in your workplace

Through 4 weeks of 100% online content (including panel sessions, interviews, practical case studies and thought leadership) we’ve bought their experience together to help you build a sustainable quality process improvement program.
• Week 1: Lean evolutions in healthcare
• Week 2: Drilling down how Lean can improve patient safety and patient care
• Week 3: Creating engagement and Lean cultures
• Week 4: Case study focus: Innovative and practical applications for Lean thinking
This unique 100% online webinar series is designed to give you relevant and timely examples of best practices from around the globe, at your finger tips. There’s no time out of the office, and no costly travel. Running from March 15th until April 7th you’ll be able to join 2 pre-scheduled webinars each Tuesday and Friday.

But don’t worry if you’re busy and if you do miss one, you can download the recorded webinar at watch it at your own convenience online.