The 3 Essential Woman Wisdom Tools for Success in Your Dream Project

Venue: Brooklyn

Location: Brooklyn, United States

Event Date/Time: Feb 23, 2011
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Are you ready to create a plan for successfully achieving your goals WITHOUT getting overwhelmed, drained, or exhausted?

As you probably know by now: having a great idea is NOT enough to successfully and joyfully complete your goals.

The mistake that so many visionaries make is that you haven’t developed the powerful and sustaining structures needed – both on practical and emotional levels – to be able to fully achieve your dream project while also feeling energized and balanced in your life.

Aren’t you ready to put this mistake behind you once and for all?

I know from personal experience how it feels to be stuck and frustrated when you desperately want to move forward and step into a bigger place for yourself. And, I’ve developed methods that have taken me from that place of overwhelm to being able to be successful with my goals while also feeling refreshed, balanced and very much connected to my inner wisdom.

On February 23rd from 1-2:30pm EST, I’ll be sharing with you these secrets and methods for seeing your vision into reality WITHOUT the exhaustion or anxiety. Join me in this FREE teleclass:

“The 3 Essential Woman Wisdom Tools for Success in Your Dream Project”

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On this teleclass, you will receive:

* A straightforward method for effective and intuitive decision-making
* A fresh look at how prioritizing can ensure your success
* A plan for organizing your time so that you control your life and your dream project (instead of it controlling you!)
* An step-by-step process for ensuring you are energized and passionate throughout the completion of your project
* A deep exploration of the emotional distractions that keep you strangled and stuck

You can apply these tools to ANY goal you are working on, including: your career, your business, your artistic pursuit, your writing, renovating your home…just to name a few!

By the end of our class, you will have clear ideas for creating more time and energy for your goals and for your life. It IS possible to follow through on your dream project, be successful, and still have time to enjoy ALL of your life, and I am so excited to guide you through it!

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