The 2nd Conference on Higher Education Development (CHED2011)

Venue: Shanghai

Location: Shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Jul 23, 2011
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(including but not limited to the following topics)

1. Moral Principles and Academic Ethics of Higher Education

2. Theoretical Research on University Concepts and Higher Education

3. System and Reform of Higher education

4. Quality Research on Higher Education

5. Curriculum Construction and Teaching Research

6. College Students Management and Employment

7. Higher Education Management

Scientific Research Management

Research Management

Faculty Management

8. Higher Education Research on All Levels and All Types

Postgraduate Education

Undergraduate Education

Higher Vocational Education

Normal University Education

Higher Art Education

Higher Physical Education

9. Legal Research on Education

10. Comparative Education Research

11. New Information Technology and Education

 Web-based Distance Education

 Digital Learning Platform and Tools

 Virtual Classroom and University

 Research on Sharing Mechanism of Digital Teaching Resources in Colleges and Universities

 Teaching Informationization Equipment and its Management

 Digital Campus Construction and Data Security Management