Controlled Substances and the Hospital Pharmacy - Webinar By GlobalCompliancePanel

Venue: Online Training Webinar

Location: Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 05, 2011 End Date/Time: Apr 05, 2011
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Overview: This webinar will cover several recommendations to improve the hospital's Due Diligence when dispensing Schedules II through V controlled substances in a hospital setting and what steps that can be taken to detect and prevent the illicit use or diversion of any controlled substance.

Objectives of the Presentation: The following areas are covered:

* DEA Office of Diversion Control: This section will familiarize you with the authority given to DEA Diversion Group when enforcing the laws and regulations pertaining to controlled substances and regulated chemicals.
* Controlled Substances Act: Briefly describes the criminal and civil actions that can be imposed on a hospital registration for failures to comply with the federal laws and DEA regulation pertaining to administering, dispensing and prescribing controlled substances in a hospital setting.
* Due Diligence: This section provides numerous steps to be taken to prevent, detect, and investigate the theft, loss or diversion of controlled substances in a hospital setting and many recommendations in order to be in full compliance with the DEA regulations.
* Storage and Dispensing: This section covers the storage and dispensing of controlled substances from the pharmacy to the many sections within the hospital including patient wards, emergency rooms and surgical areas.
* DEA Recordkeeping Requirements: This section covers the required records to be maintained in order to comply with DEA regulations. Records include receiving/shipping order forms and invoices, inventories, drug destructions, and theft/loss reports.
* DEA Security Requirements: This section covers the steps that a hospital can take in order to be in full compliance with the security requirements.

Why you should attend: Understanding DEA regulations is important and the steps suggested in this training will give you a better insight as to what steps should be taken to prevent the illicit use or diversion of any controlled substance by hospital staff. What the presentation does is that it gives participants a better understanding of Due Diligence and how suggested DEA compliance should look like in order to identify any dispensing or drug disposal that could be classified as suspicious in nature and what actions management can take to prevent the diversion of drugs by their employees.

Who will benefit:

* Hospital senior management
* Mid-Level Management
* Pharmacy Managers
* Hospital Pharmacists, and all hospital first line supervisors.

Price List:
Live : $245.00
Corporate live : $995.00
Recorded : $295.00


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