5th International Conference on Globalization The Scale of Globalization: Global, Local, Individual (Globalization 2011)

Venue: Ostrava

Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic

Event Date/Time: Sep 08, 2011 End Date/Time: Sep 09, 2011
Registration Date: Jun 30, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: May 15, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Sep 08, 2011
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The Scale of Globalization
Global, Local, Individual
Think Globally, Act Locally, Change Individually in the 21stCentury
September 8-9, 2011
Department of Human Geography and Regional Development, University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic

All academic and non-academic participants from a wide range of disciplines including many branches of geography, sociology, anthropology, political sciences, economics, international relations, cultural studies, regional studies, local and regional development and others are cordially welcomed to participate.

Globalization is by definition a global process. However, this process necessarily takes place in specific localities and concrete individuals are involved in it. Above all, this paradox begs the question of scale. We would therefore like to invite and challenge academics and professionals from around the world to reflect upon globalization as a multi-scalar phenomenon determined not so much by the area of its impact (economy, politics, society) but rather by the scale at which it is (seen as) occurring. There are two principal reasons for this critical perspective. First, we would like to explore how globalization as a process and as a powerful imagination arises, operates, becomes contested and reappropriated depending on the scale of action and observation - global, local, and individual. Is globalization the same phenomenon at all of these spatial scales or levels of social reality? How does the character of the process and imagination differ at these scales and what theories are best suited to account for the dynamics of the phenomenon? Do we need scale-specific theories of globalization? And second, globalization is most commonly perceived as a structural process and individuals and communities are seen as mostly passive and powerless victims. In our view, the question of agency in debates on globalization has not been sufficiently appreciated. By refocusing our attention to scale, we hope to stimulate discussion about the possibilities of individual action in a world which is often described as spinning out of control. We do not share this pessimistic view and encourage potential participants to explore the possibilities for positive individual and community action at different scales of being.

We invite the participants to think about globalization in relation to scale - global, local, individual - and consider how scale affects the character of the process in the following areas of operation:

1. development and environment,
2. education and knowledge,
3. culture and society,
4. politics and governance,
5. economics and business,
6. information technology and media.

Special panels
During the conference we also organize two special panels for invited speakers. For further information about the panels follow the links to the sections:
The Caucasus and Central Asia in the Globalised World
Governance of the Regional Development in the Era of Globalization

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Additional Information

Abstract and technical details of papers Please forward abstracts of 300 words in English through registration form by May 15 2011. All presentations and papers should be prepared in English. Submitted papers might be considered for publication in reviewed proceedings. Technical details of papers The maximum length of your paper should not exceed 20000 characters (including spaces). All papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word format to the email address globalization2011@osu.cz or at the latest at the beginning of the conference on CD or DVD to head of the section. However, we will greatly appreciate if you send us your papers in advance. Authors should use the Chicago Manual of Style with in-text citations – see www.chicagomanualofstyle.org or http://library.osu.edu/sites/guides/chicagogd.php#chicagointro Further specifications of paper content Your paper should contain: * Title * Author * Author’s institution * Author’s contact information * Brief summary of the paper * Key words * Text * Cited literature Do not use advanced formatting, keep the formatting as simple as possible! Authors are advised to familiarize themselves with criteria and standards before preparing a manuscript for submission. Papers not meeting technical, formal and content criteria will not be published and will be returned to the author for corrections. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to send us email to globalization2011@osu.cz