2011 Global Interdisciplinary Conference on Aging and the Cycle of Life

Venue: St. Louis Virtual

Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 01, 2011 End Date/Time: Oct 01, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Apr 15, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Apr 15, 2011
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2011 Conference on Aging and the Cycle of Life

A 2011 Video / Virtual Conference Scheduled Event

Event Schedule

Abstract Submission Deadline – April 15, 2011
Booking Form Deadline – April 30, 2011
Conference Draft Submission Deadline – August 1, 2011
Video Submission Deadline – September 1, 2011
Conference Mailing Date – October 1, 2011
Conference Viewing Deadline – October 31, 2011

Aging. It is the natural progression that begins with birth and ends at death. Aging is something that affects every living creature on our planet. For centuries, man has searched diligently for the cure to aging. Some explorers made major discoveries while conducting their search for the Fountain of Youth.

Global Research Studies takes a closer look at aging and the processes involved. Please submit your 200-400 word abstract on any of the following areas of research. As with any of our conferences, all abstracts/studies related to this area will be considered.

¨ The aging process
¨ Aging and health issues
¨ Aging and loss
¨ Healthy choices for all ages
¨ Exercise recommendations for the elderly
¨ Pain in aging
¨ Elderly Abuse and Its Prevention
¨ Age-Related Studies
¨ Interactions with the Aging Human
¨ Aging Affects on Animals
¨ Longevity Studies
¨ Living life to the Fullest
¨ Finding Love in Later Years
¨ Aging and Mental Health Issues

If you have conducted research or are passionate about the subject matter of this conference, please prepare your abstract and send it via email to:


This is a video/virtual conference. It is conducted much in the same manner as a physical appearance conference, only you will be required to create a digital video recording of your presentation in lieu of physical attendance. This type of conference was suggested by many visitors and update subscribers. It was essentially created to cut the travel expenses associated with attending a physical conference. We sincerely hope you enjoy this type of conference as much as we have enjoyed the research and development processes of implementing them.

Here is how a video / virtual conference works:

All of the steps remain unchanged in the process of submitting your abstract, booking form, and conference draft papers.

Submit your 200-400 words abstract via email by the scheduled deadline.
Receive your acceptance letter.
Submit a booking form indicating whether you need a recording device
Make payment for your participation
Create your conference draft and submit it via email by the scheduled deadline.

In lieu of physical attendance, you will then:

Create a digital video recording of your presentation using a cellular phone, digital camera, digital video recorder, or webcam that is 20-30 minutes in length.
Receive your copy of the full-length conference via email (.zip) and postal mail (DVD).
You will have 30 days to view the conference and make comments, suggestions, and rebuttals using a delegates only section of our website.

Once all of these steps are done, we will create the Ebook of the conference proceedings.
The advisory board will conduct a blind review of each conference draft paper. Delegates that have submitted a paper(s) that are flagged as “further development warranted”, will be notified of the need for a full-length version of their conference draft paper. This paper will need to be 16-24 pages including the reference section. This paper will become part of an edited hard copy that will result from all chosen papers.

For more information regarding the video/virtual conferencing procedures, please email the administrator at admin@globalresearchstudies.com or visit the video conf info page on this website.