SANS Security Impact of IPv6 Summit 2011

Venue: Hilton Washington & Towers

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 15, 2011 End Date/Time: Jul 16, 2011
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IPv6 may be far away for your network but operating systems and network devices will not hold back. Already, modern operating systems implement IPv6 by default. Windows 7, for example, ships with Teredo enabled by default. Your existing firewall may not block it. Learning more about IPv6 is essential to securing your network. This Summit is designed not just for implementers of IPv6, but also for those who just need to learn how to detect IPv6 and defend against threats unintentional IPv6 use may bring. IPv6 is currently being implemented at a rapid pace in Asia in response to the exhaustion of IPv4 address space, which is most urgently felt in rapidly growing networks in China and India. Even if you do not feel the same urgency of IP address exhaustion, you may have to connect to these IPv6 resources as they become more and more important to global commerce.


1919 Connecticut Avenue NW
United States