Event Date/Time: Jun 07, 2011
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Students, faculty, and staff — as well as senior division heads — want IT leaders to deliver information and network services effectively and efficiently. But what do “effectively” and “efficiently” really mean? What measures of service delivery and customer satisfaction make sense to technology-centric and non-technology-centric IT consumers on campus? And what performance levels show that IT is meeting expectations or is falling short and in need of substantial improvement?

Join two recognized experts in IT metrics and organizational performance in this two-session webcast to discuss key elements of metrics and end-user perceptions that IT leaders must deploy to effectively measure and shape IT organization performance. Session 1 will focus on a variety of IT performance measures, while Session 2 will emphasize end-user measures as keys in measuring and shaping IT organization performance.


Chief information officers, IT directors/unit heads, and senior managers of IT services.