Postdigital Encounters: Creativity and Improvisation: Journal of Media Practice Symposium 2011 (postdigi)

Venue: Watershed Media Centre, Bristol

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Jun 24, 2011
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Hosted by the Digital Cultures Research Centre and the Creative Media Research Group, University of the West of England, and held at the Watershed Media Centre, in the heart of Bristol’s vibrant and historic harbourside, this one-day symposium explores how digital technologies have redefined creativity and media practice within the academy both in terms of teaching and research, with a dynamic programme of presentations ranging from multiscreen film practice and locative media projects to discussions of creativity and pedagogy in the postdigital age.

Whether or not our research questions and/or curriculum deal directly with the “digital”, those of us involved in creative media practice are inevitably working within a new media landscape in which digital technologies disrupt our received notions of media practice education and research.

Recent debates have challenged the idea that the capacity for creative improvisation is exercised by individuals against the conventions of culture and society. Instead, the suggestion is that improvisation and creativity are intrinsic to the very processes of social and cultural life (Hallam and Ingold 2007). At the same time we are working within a milieu of digital “disruption” (Christensen, 1997) in which rapid developments in the “technologies, economic organization, and social practices of production” have created “new opportunities for how we make and exchange information, knowledge, and culture” (Benkler, 2006).

The 2011 Journal of Media Practice symposium wishes to explore the implications of these developments across the field of Media Practice, and to consider the changing context within which we find ourselves teaching and creating media. How are the traditional binaries between different ways of working and different contexts relevant to the contemporary media landscape? In a landscape where “new formulations of knowledge afforded by the web are breaking down the distinctions between the university and the ‘real World’” (Dovey and Lister, 2009), how does media practice sit within the academy in this “postdigital” age (Pepperell and Punt, 2000)? What is now the role of media practice research in the ecosystems of the ‘creative economy’?

Pervasive media, mixed reality and the proliferation of screens
Transmedia storytelling in a multiplatform world
Adding value to media assets through metadata tagging
Locative media, context aware platforms and new forms of ‘experience design’
Digital natives and digital immigrants – teaching, learning and making
Co-collaboration, participatory practices and new forms of authorship
Accessibility, social inclusion and the Internet.
Digital distribution as a tool for creating REF ‘Impact’ for media practice research


1 Canon's Road
United Kingdom

Additional Information

The draft programme is now online, plus information about the venue, how to get here and accommodation.
Online booking is now open. The deadline for registration is 6 May 2011. The delegate fee is £60 including lunch and refreshments, with a limited number of half-price concessions for postgraduates and those not affiliated with an institution (freelancers, hourly paid lecturers, etc) which have been very kindly sponsored by the MeCCSA Practice Network. Please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!
In the meantime if you have any enquiries please email Charlotte Crofts ( for further information and feel free to read / comment on the blog ( entries to fuel the debate about the definition of “postdigital”.