5th Annual 2011 Global Improved Oil Recovery Praxis Interactive Technology Workshop (5th IOR)

Venue: Istanbul

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Event Date/Time: May 23, 2011 End Date/Time: May 26, 2011
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 23, 2011
Paper Submission Date: Mar 23, 2011
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5th Annual 2011 Global Improved Oil Recovery
Praxis Interactive Technology Workshop
23 – 26 May 2011 * Istanbul, Turkey

“Overcome Operational and Technical Challenges
to Minimize Production Down Time, Enhance Recovery
Factors and Improve Business Performance”

More than ever, the Middle East has an immense role to play in the Oil & Gas production & driving the world economy. As oil fields reach maturity and global demand increases, there will be a shift from exploration and production of new oil to the improved oil recovery (IOR) of hydrocarbons that are known to exist.

Improved oil recovery (IOR) techniques have been developed and successfully tested in pilots with high oil recovery ...by oil industry for several decades. IOR process is the introduction of energy to the reservoir to stimulate the production of Hydrocarbons unrecovered during primary recovery
Outside of the 'oil industry', few people are aware that an oil reservoir normally will yield only a fraction of the oil held underground. However, great time and effort has been devoted to projects designed to recover a higher proportion of oil-in-place, to what in industry jargon is called enhanced recovery techniques – EOR or IOR. The ability to obtain more from what has already been found becomes of progressively greater importance as a source of additional oil supply.

This workshop looks at various aspects of enhanced oil recovery methods to maximize the amount of oil being produced through EOR such as:
• EOR roadmap to ensure successful application of appropriate technologies.
• The latest innovations available for the EOR market
• Case studies and success stories for EOR projects in the middle East.
• The relation between Oil price and the costly EOR projects
• Extending the life of current mature oil fields through EOR technology application

The IOR community has been formed to create a platform for industry operators, experts and technology providers to share knowledge on this critical issue and drive advancement on current and future challenges in IOR and EOR.

Who should attend?
IOR/EOR Managers, Operations Managers/Engineers, Offshore/Onshore Project Managers, Asset Managers, Reservoir Managers, Subsurface Managers, Senior Reservoir Engineers, Simulation Engineers, Field Development Managers, R&D Scientists, Senior Researchers, Geologists, Geoscientists, Government Representatives, Academics, Students, Young Engineers, New Recruits, Services Providers, Equipment Suppliers, Consultants, Technology Providers and many more.


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